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Posted 7/17/17
This is an open discussion to hear peoples opinions on Uncensored anime to the anime titles that actually have them and possibly more titles that Crunchyroll doesn't have on their "Shows" list. I for one would pay an extra amount of $$ to have BD rips, OVA's, and uncensored streaming of anime titles. I also would like to see more shows that I would love to watch but Crunchyroll doesn't have them and then i'd end up having to look on Youtube or 3rd party websites instead to watch them. I just want to know if you agree to the first statement and would you too, like to see more anime titles added. I mean I support as many big anime producers/streamers already and would just like the full experience on one website instead of 5. So feel free to leave a comment on what you think.
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Posted 7/17/17 , edited 7/17/17
I didn't read this as titles...

I don't think anyone would argue more shows to the CR catalog as a bad thing, uncensored or not. Would I pay more to have them all in one spot?'s just not very realistic.
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