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Post Reply John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer
Posted 7/20/17 , edited 7/20/17

ronin99 wrote:

jolietjoe wrote:

Apparently nobody knows much about "Wet Start" McCain's atrocities, or singing like a songbird to the north vietnamese, or being responsible for quite a few deaths of his fellow servicemen...

This guy is one of the biggest piece of sheeeeyot politicians out there and has never met a war he didnt like.

May he die a slow painful death and have buzzards peck at his soul for eternity.


As I mentioned in the other threads, this came from McCain's entourage

After a trip to Syria.

Make of it what you will, but the slightest amount of digging reveals him to be deserving of nothing but scorn, rope, and a lamp post.

Best comment I've seen so far: "Dammit, now I will never get to see him face trial and hanging for war crimes"

go ask a vet what they think of him

(rip 134 service members from the forrestal that died because of him....for him, its good to have daddy be a high ranking admiral that can help hush up the situation and move you elsewhere and keep the whole thing quiet)
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Posted 7/20/17 , edited 7/20/17
Any form of cancer is bad, I really hope he recovers
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Posted 7/20/17

Kavalion wrote:

He's great. Hope he gets good and effective treatment.

There is no real treatment the form of cancer Senator McCain has is what killed my paternal grandmother, there is an experimental treatment using the immune system but it still is in the early trials. He has roughly a year left to live considering the shape he is in. I wish him the best but he is effectively a dead man walking.

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