Post Reply what do I need to watch for Slayers Revolution?
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Posted 7/21/17 , edited 7/21/17
I havn't seen any of the movies or specials and such, but I have seen the first three series, so is there anything between try and this I should watch?
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Posted 7/21/17
Nah, I think the movies are a thing in of themselves. I could be wrong though since I haven't seen them, but I just went straight from Try to Revolution and understood everything. Tbh I think every series of Slayers is watchable without having seen the others.
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Posted 7/22/17 , edited 7/22/17
The majority of the movies and OVAs are in the "Slayers Special" timeline, which is a prequel to the first Slayers TV series.

There is a single short "movie" (episode length) between Try and Revolution, called Slayers Premium, but it won't affect the plot.

There is a character in the second half of the series, Evolution-R, that has some similarities to a character from the Slayers Special movies/OVAs. You will probably miss a few of the jokes if you haven't seen any of them.
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