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Posted 8/24/17 , edited 8/24/17
The Reflection Wave One EP 2Survivor

This was interesting going back and forth EP 1 makes a lot of sense now Get use to ti the flow style

Flaming Fury takes over the memorial

Ex on can duplicate others abilities

So this was a flashback and now in Baltimore where Xom is impressed with Evans sleuthing skills and her powers . She asks him to train her bet he declines and also to gom after Wraith innstead

To LA IO- Guy hiitches a ride on a jet wing as a boy sees him he leaps

I-guy Ian has all production crew Aaron Irvine, Jay Itten Bach, Tim Angle, Enrico Ilario behind him They wrere cointrolling the screens / music in Times Square Je cant sing now becuse of the power but like the attention as I-Guy Oh he's british( Like our famed music director Trevor Horn His resume was posted up in EP1)

Later Evans locates Wrath on video

For those who had ?? about our 4 girls from Japan Kanae, Hirona, Uki, Sayaka look like they may have powers too as they want a team name Dont for get they are 9 nine foinf the ending song

The Reflection Wave One EP 3 “Lisa”

This so full of ironies makes it very cool

Eleanor 's place gets set on fire Xon rescues a child in the fire

Eleanor wants to go to Dayton with X-on who fist says no bur she makes the case she is in danger no matter what He asks if she has a car Kinda funny Superheroes needs a ride Just great a beat up F-150

A brief glimpse Lisa an comic book fan and our 4 girls in Japan

Eleanor asaks about that day why a lot died some became monsters and others heroes X-on explains those hit both by the balack smoke green light died He srmises those hit by black smoke only becme villans those with greem light heroes but both cant remember

Eleanor gets asked by X-On to investigate an unidentified being called Wraith. While investigating Wraith, she finds out that two women with the last name Allen have disappeared, and Eleanor and X-On head to Dayton, Ohio to investigate further.

Eleanor runs into Lisa on her wheel chair and takes her to the hospital X-on see sombody on a roof and goes afer them

At the hospital both Eleanor / Lisa get treated and Eleanor gets a rude specch by Lisa;s father a cop bit Lisa invites both to dinner

At lisa's home both talk a little Eleanor had a twin brother who died

Xon in a junkyard finds Steel ruler which is bad becuase she can manipulate objects

At Lisa's her father come home but Eleanor says we are frinds As Lisa hets his dinner he expains how criminal sometimes want revenge and in one case Lisa was beeing held hostage when the Reflection came only he and Lisa survived

Lisa overhears the concervation and says he is hplding her back She leaves Eleanor goes to look for her and Xon is waiting

They go looking for her and as Xon xplains about the run-in with Steel Ruler and that she wasnt really interested in him Eleanor rushes back to Lisa's place which is trashed and both Lisa / dad are missing Xon calls Deborah the Govt MIB wanting to know where big junkyards are around Dayton

But not Sceap Metal But Dayton AFB and the Air Musuem

Xon and Eleanor arrive as Lisa's dad is being trotured ans she about to be consumed by Putrid but wait Lisa turns her Whel chair into a giant Robot like the toy her dad got her thinking she was going to be a boy

She beats down Putrid but Steel Ruler activates the Musuem WarBirds Xon starts to destroy them Bot one is heading for dad she flies up like her favorite comic herp Soar Man

She leaves her father

The Reflection Wave One EP 4 "New Orleans”

I have become quite fond of this anime / it witty / ironic / mysterious as new reveals keep tolling out

Eleanor finds that Jennifer Allem missing in NY is a cousin of May Allen ( Dayton ) and have similaiaties / missing anr are assumed to be Relected and being kidnnapped by Wraith It also seems tthere are more Allen women who cross match , related in records One is May Allen New Orleans

Out in LA I-Guy is used to his suiy buy there is no incidents His team reports a gang has gathered at a warehouse where a man gives frre guns to them to shoot up LA I-Guy crashees in stooping the shooters but has to fight biz suit guy who is strong so his team leader says keep himclose and he flys asrounf with explosions from his crew then dunk the guy in the ocean Later as Ian is jealous of I-Guy

Ian was going to have a conference but Ian's capturs have all escaped with help and the press is bashing I-Guy who is also 2nd page as finally our 4 girls in apan are being superheroes Ian still doesnt want to be outdone by I-Guy but he calls for the producer Trevor ( a reference yo Trevor Horn ) who then appers as himself ( I thought thsr was cool )

He's at a party where he tries to sing but cant sing

Lisa is excited seeing the Ocean bit it's Lake Pobchatrain as X-On observes and Eleanor follows up on Michelle bt hads been taken by Trader ? merchany anf her boos he hears some relected are scrapped Eleanor seea boy being bullied and they mention merchant / trader she swoops the boy away but the police want to asrrest her but is then tsken by Merchant / Trader

The Reflection Wave One EP 5 V and Michael

Despite being captured bu Merchant / Traitor he says sorry as she is in a place with other refelective who ssem to be good.They are being protected

We find out Merchant and trader are husband and wife ( Michiael / Vy ) He lost his vision but has differnt vision now and Vy turned into
an armored dragaon basically

Lisa gets kidnapped while getting infro where Eleanot might be. Xom just geys there and picks up Lisa'a wheel chait and goes after her

The kidnappers find out where the hideout is and the crokked police are going after them Xon finds Lisa her Jazz friend

The police chief is called Warren Dallas and he wants to get rid ofthe rekectives

Vy turns back to a human for a moment but turns back when the police open Eleanor stops some of them but the villans are working with the sheriif and Volt starts shocking

Lisa / Xon show up and tale care of things bit Xon saus since Steel Ruler was here they were after all the Reflected . Eleanor goes back to the hide out but it too late !
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Posted 9/2/17 , edited 9/2/17
And in this episode we literally have an old lady trapped halfway in the asphalt of a parking lot and presumably dead but basically no one seems to care. I mean, what is this show even doing at this point.
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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/7/17

StriderShinryu wrote:

And in this episode we literally have an old lady trapped halfway in the asphalt of a parking lot and presumably dead but basically no one seems to care. I mean, what is this show even doing at this point.

Eleanor cared and embraced her / but like Davy Crockett ( The Alamo ) she( Maggie) gave her life in a fight . How about TEAM Agai they were wiped out too!

This anime shows the dysfunctional side of Super heroes

The Reflection Wave One EP 6 " San Antonio "

This is ironic as Hurricanes devasasted both New Orleans ( Katrina ) and San Antonio( Harvey ) where real heroes are at work literally

Our 4 girls in Japan are a bit beat-up

Maggie / her shop the Almao / and the coonskin cap like Davy Crockett

Eleanor can see Wraith and what the plan is

Ian shows up ! As Steel Ruler is about to tale Maggie / Nina

The Reflection Wave One EP 7 Team I-Guy

Now this is a cool start Iguy Vs Sreel Ruler Then Xon stealls Flaming Fury use of fire

Eleanor / Maggie / Nina try to escape as Lisa is figthing Steel Ruler but Dead wing is follwing them but I-Guy fights him

But Vain ( Not sure ) sperates Eleanor from / Maggie / Nina and submerges them in liquid nut Maggie teleports Nina and dies .

All The Hostile and Good Reflected ariive where Eleanor is who is upset and gets in Steel rulers face bit The Hostile arre called off as Eleanor what to knows what the plan is The man calling the shots unknown ?

I Guy arrives but is punched by Xon for being so arrogrant.

Later Eleanor confides in Xon she saw Wraith in an illusion and wants the Rekected to take over the world and they need her and Xon says she wiill be good bait but upsets her and she leaves

I-Guy is angry Xon called him an attraction like a clown

He goes out with his acoustic guitar reminsces then Wraith shows throwing wads of cash for interfering with X-on and Co and says it's time for the curtain to close on his act like X-on said. Wraith also says you just follow orders from your crew . Wraith disapperars and Ian in a panic goes to HDQRS where all of Team · Aigai has been killed

Aaron had recorded a msg about the past and how the suiy was hard yo put on so Team Aigai made him something else a trick car

Eleanor is sitting in the rain by herself when Steel Ruler appears ... END

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Posted 9/10/17 , edited 9/10/17
They made Stan a Villain! This shakes me to my core in a profound manner.
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Posted 9/20/17 , edited 9/21/17
The Reflection Wave One EP 8“ Beef or Fish”

Agai is looking for Wraith

Most of the story is about Eleanor Steel Ruler tells her the abducted Reflected will be released is she joins with Wraith Steel Ruler also gives her a USB with infro about X-on

After Eleanor leaves Deborah ( Black OPS ) asks her to wear a mic and go to Wraith Eleanor asks her about them / Wraith and X-On

She plugs the USB unto their system and finds there a explosion at a reserch lab and all were kiled excpt one who got away and is missing

Eleanor leaves and X-on finds her She asks all kinds of ?? but gets no answer and leaves.

Deborah goes to the motel where Gym / Lisa are staying and tells them what happened with Eleanor She then asks Gym who is he besides a detective ( Military?? Perhaps ) Then Xon shows up

Later Eleanor meets Steel Ruler again

The Reflection Wave One EP 9 Downtown LA

A few reveals / but used a lot of previous screnes

Eleanor goes with Steel Ruler as Deborah and her team follow them

Back at the hotel Lisa tells Xon thanks to Eleanor and him she can be a hero and that they still believe in him

The Hostile use their skills to shake off Deborah

The chase was cool with the hostile van driving through buildings undamaged and Deborah who is no slouch when she takes over the chase but crashes and the Hostile( Volt) is ready to kill them off but Vele stops him for a moment but is ready to burn her but Deborahs back-up arrives chasing Volt off but Vele / Michael are taken into custody along with Lisa / Xon / GYM

Deborah's agency is called The Anti-Reflectice Squad She is recovering but wakes up to tell The " Bright Reflected " that the Darl Rekective lets then see only what they let them and cant block surveillance

So they cant go nowhere but Lisa Objects and brings out her Mech Vele increases her size ans tells Michael the dark are calling her and wants to go Lisa tries to stop her but Xon says let her go as she will lead them to Eleanor

As they follow Vele I Guy see them and follows adf as he races by a bus our 4 Japanese ( Nine Nine )girls are in the bus

Eleanor is at Wraith's HQDRS

THE END Card / Eleanor ( Photog ) kinda of a Homage to Peter Parker ( Spiderman ) and Jimmy Olsen ( Superman )

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Posted 10/7/17 , edited 10/7/17
So does anyone know if there will be a second season of this?
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Posted 10/8/17 , edited 10/8/17

peterb12 wrote:

So does anyone know if there will be a second season of this?

Well, so far there there hasn't been an announcement but something from that last scene tells me there's probably going to be more. It's just a guess.
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Posted 10/22/17 , edited 10/22/17
The Reflection Wave One EP 10 “Eleanor”

Not the smoothest Ep but revealing

The Reflection Wave One EP11"White Sands "

Wraith's true identity is revealed to X-On. After learning that shocking truth, everyone in the mansion is transported to White Sands. They soon find out that many other Reflected were transported there as well;

The Reflection Wave One EP 12 The Reflection

I am kinda happy the Final EP was actually good / a lot to digest /lots of ?? but a plus each EP was 25 mins Also there no regular ED

THE EP 12 got help from Masahiro Ise ( StoryBoard ) EP director / Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight EP 2 Director and Fujiwara Ryoji who has wriiten some EPS for Mobile Suit and wrote 5 EPS for Hell Girl: Two Mirrors and 9 for Hell Girl: Three Vessels

I give them credit for saving the ED


Ian / and 4 visting heroines from Japan " Ninth Wonder " ( Kanae, Hirona, Uki, Sayaka ) teamed up and defeated Dead wing

Wraith is OP vringing the Darknees over White Sand bullfting the Bright reflected powers except Ian's suit which lasts awhile

The USAF is ineffective at stopping Wraith

One intersting turn is Steel Ruler not agrreing with Wraith plan for Total Darkness and fights

It;s Xon who distracts / slows down Wraith as Wraith asks how and says I am not human / and some backstory .

Eleanor appears and Xon asks her is this what she wants and it isnt

Wraith continues and Darkness appears ( a dragon ? ) Ian attacks but his suit is ripped off

Lisa crawls toward her wheelchair and Ian since he can gain an opponents power destroys the Sheild which keys Ian gets his suit back and with help from "Ninth Wonder / Xon destroy Wraith Lisa / Michael / Vee get their powers back and defeat the Hostile Reflected

Deborah / GYM / arrive with the Military rounding up the Hostile

I kinda feel for Steel Ruler as didnt want to battle the Bright Reflectef as long they didnt interfere as she wanted all Reflective to be better treated

But then / Bright and Dark clouds are stiil swirling

Lots of new ?? / what is darknees for that ( that creature ? ) for that matter what is the brifgtness ??

What about X-on / there is so much to be learned / even Eleanor needs more explaining

Nice to see " Ninth Wonder " in action .

This had great potential / some EPS were good I didnt like the animation at times ( EP 12 was OK )

The biggest problems too many writers / producers

If they do a S2 pick who had the best results / increase anime qualitly

18if did seperate storybords and most worked well as it focused on a different witch until the end
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Posted 12/1/17 , edited 12/2/17
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Posted 12/2/17 , edited 12/2/17
A sequel? Well, the ending kind of hinted about that but is it going to happen is unknown at the moment. If it does, no thanks.
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