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Posted 7/27/17 , edited 7/27/17

Limbo (Latin limbus, edge or boundary, referring to the "edge" of Hell) is a speculative idea about the afterlife condition of those who die in original sin without being assigned to the Hell of the Damned. In the Divine Comedy poem Inferno, Dante depicts Limbo as the first circle of Hell.

The corneal limbus is the border of the cornea and the sclera (the white of the eye).

An event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman's terms, it is defined as the shell of "points of no return", i.e., the points at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible, even for light. An event horizon is most commonly associated with black holes.

What is it? What is it about you?
You’re not that pretty
But my eyes keep going to you
You’re bothering me
I’m getting dizzy, help me
It’s getting darker outside
Don’t you want my love?
Only the sound of the clock ticking gets louder

You and me
There is no conclusion
But when I see you
I feel like I know everything
I’m struggling too, help me
oh let me into your heart
Only the sound of the clock ticking gets louder

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