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Post Reply How do people read light novels? Where?
Posted 4/9/18 , edited 4/9/18
I buy mine from amazon kindle and read them on my tablet.
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Posted 4/11/18 , edited 4/11/18
Amazon kindle for a couple of reasons. I read a couple of books a week. Kindle books are either 2 bucks or half price so it is a big savings. Second, the physical space to store the books. I had book shelves all over my home before I said screw it, I'm going virtual. Also, I use to pack several books in my luggage when traveling. Now they charge a lot for overweight luggage so Kindle solved that problem also. Amazon has a decent selection of manga and light novels, though I doubt it is comprehensive. English versions seem to take forever to come out. I prefer the light novels to manga or anime because manga and anime abbreviate the story too much. The light novels fill in most if not everything that was left out of the story.
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Posted 6/12/18 , edited 6/12/18

Nekoshema wrote:

what do you consider a light novel? 100 pages or less? Animal Farm would fit that. i also consider A Clockworks Orange a light novel, but it's like 200 or something. usually i either get it from the library or buy it from a book store because i like holding the book and i don't own a kindle/e-reader [though it is tempting]

It's a super late answer but...

A light novel has between 180 and 1150. The "light" in light novel has nothing to do with the size of it .
To be a light novel, a novel must be published under a light novel label. So A clockwork orange and animal farm are NOT light novels.

As for the thread, I usually buy them on or honto.p, usually physical copies except in the rare case where I can only get digital copies of it.
I read them in original language though. For peoples who want titles in english, checking bookdepository is a good idea. Shipping is usually free there.
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