Post Reply I need some opinions on Seraph of the End (Owari no Serafu)
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Posted 21 days ago
So a friend of mine has recommended Seraph of the End and they were telling me that there was some yaoi undertones I don't know how there can be undertones (but it's not I know everything) anyway I would just like some opinions on the show.
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Posted 21 days ago
There really is no yaoi undertones the two guys in question are not in love.

It's more the fact they were seperated and great friends as children the main character set out to avenge the guy you can't not expect them to become super clingy and protective once they come together as friends again.
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Posted 17 days ago , edited 17 days ago
The BL stands for Brotherly Love not Boys Love in this one. It's all about family (and friendship as Ryulightorb pointed out ) .
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Posted 17 days ago
It depends on your perspective, really. They've mentioned above about the 'friendship' of the characters yet the stuff happening could also be interpreted as romantic depending on your view. This is a shounen anime after all so things don't go beyond BL...


I have to note that some of the animation staff on OnS said in an interview that they do ship MikaYuu and same could be said of the English dubbing staffs in Funimation so if there's ever something that feels like it's going beyond anything, they probably added those. Espcially in the case of season 2 episode 10. But everything else, you could interpret in another way. I mean you can care a lot about someone as much as those two do only as friends and yet you could go that far with those ideals in mind in a romantic way.

In short, it depends. Do you see what we MikaYuu fans see in the way we see it? Or would you look at it in another way? Your choice. If you belong with us on the 1st choice, then yes, there's yaoi undertones. But if you belong on the 2nd one, then there's none.
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