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Posted 8/6/17 , edited 8/6/17
Joy: "All these 'Facts' and 'Opinions' look the same, I can't tell them apart!"
Sadness: "Happens to me all the time. Don't worry about it."
- Inside Out

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Posted 8/7/17
haha, typical sub humans, your opinions mean nothing to me

for I am part of the superior race
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Posted 8/7/17 , edited 8/7/17
Yeah i think anything political or about religion is pretty much pointless. Not sure why i've spent so much time discussing these things here?
Left wing and right wing can very rarely see eye to eye and agree on anything about such topics.
Politics is always bound to cause arguments.

I think talking about anything can do the same though i guess ^^; even with hip hop music for example. East coast is the best! nar westcoast is the best! Biggie is the GOAT! nar Tupac is the GOAT! All these new you rappers are ass! nar your just an old head who is bitter and a hater and stuck in the past! lol

Battlefield is better! nar COD is better!

Nothing wrong with having an opinion and expressing it. But i guess we're all so opinionated these days with social media and all. Many of us are too stubborn or closed minded so our opinions are set in stone.
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Posted 8/7/17

Humms wrote:

"Why listen to others when others can listen to you- Humms 2020"

I'm totally using that. Probably. Maybe

In response to OP

I take a modified One Punch Man approach; explain in 20 words or less. I usually grant more that 20 words, but be brief
But that's only half of it. For important topics, I want a conversation. Give me the bullet points, or most important part. If I respond with interest, then give me the rest. But even in giving me the rest, go one part a time to give me a chance to reply. It's a discussion, not a monologue.

And I don't think the internet has ever changed my mind significantly. I had a religious existential crisis in Sophomore year of high school and have been sorting out moral questions for myself since. I'm a Senior in College.

Another issue is the internet. It connects people. But more and more nowadays it's connecting people to people who thing the same. So there's no discussion. Just reaffirmation of the same ideas.
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