What is your favourite music genre?
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Posted 2/16/08
For me it'd have to be RnB and Slow Jamz.

I've been listening to RnB and Slow Jamz for quite some time now. I've got a folder of thousands of songs of just RnB and Slow Jamz.

I guess I like it cause RnB is just a good beat and lyrics are well done too just like Slow Jamz.

Though I enjoy Slow Jamz while at night, alone or getting to sleep. While RnB is more while I'm out or at parties.

Now tell me what you like!
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Posted 2/16/08
ghosty and mysterious type. if anyone knows any solemn ones introduce them to me! *smile*
Posted 2/16/08
Cool but I like this thread more

Favorite Music Genre

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Posted 1/19/13
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