Who's youre top ten hot asian actors/singers?!
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Posted 2/16/08
i'm just curious on who's asian actor is the hottest
or who will be in everybody's list,, hehehe
1 is the highest and 10 is the lowest,, hehe

This is mah top ten:

1.Oguri Shun

2.Hero Jaejoong

3.Jun Matsu

4.Ikuta Toma

5.Max Changmin

6.Akanishi Jin

7.Yamashita Tomohisa
8. Kamenashi Kazuya

9.Wu Chun

10. Takashi Tsukamoto

Arigatou gosaimasu!!
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Posted 2/16/08
This is mine:
1. Wu Zun from Romantic Princess

2. Ikuta Toma from hana Kimi Japan

3. Koikke Teppei from Lovely Complex

4. Aaron from Fahrenheit

5. Daniel Henney from Spring Waltz

6. Kim Kibum fron SuJu

7. Lee Dong Wook from My Girl

8. Nanba from Hana Kimi Japan

9. Eiji Wentz from WaT

10. Yang Hao Wei from hana Kimi Taiwan
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Posted 2/16/08
Use the existing threads.

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