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Posted 8/9/17
So Youtube added a VR mode for PSVR in last Janurary of this year while other streaming sites are still late to the party this mode has been available to use for half a year now and anybody can try it if you have a VR or PSVR headset along with a compatible device you can experience 360 virtual reality video content.

One thing I've been waiting for and wondering is will Crunchyroll explore virtual reality anime? There can be problems with it yes, like one way I've tested by downloading digital episodes of Lucky Star to a USB drive and watching it in the Media Player app which also has been updated for VR I did not like it. The show was not immersive as it should be in VR, first it was too pixelated. But scene to scene and character movement was way to fast! I had to look around quickly even tilting my head over my shoulder it was very uncomfortable to try and watch anime like this.

So my solution is make it 3D.NowI know VR is supposed to eliminate the main screen which feels less immersive. So make it curved kinda like those curved TV's and have it in 3D, don't make it like the experience I already tried you shouldn't have to move around so much. now I would not mind having to look up or down a little bit to the right but not "AL THE WAY TO THE RIGHT" until it hurts!

What if I want to sit in my rocking chair and I'm not in one of those spinning chairs? Something like that has to be thought about. Now we still don't want to make it like you're only looking at screen with a headset on. If it's just going to be a panoramic view of the anime and not full 360 so maybe the background can be 360 then you have this curved screen in front of you controlling the places you have to look and making the characters pop out then I think that can be very enjoyable.

I don't know anything about programming sorry for grammatical errors please let me know what you think?
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Posted 8/14/17
To make it immersive and not nauseating to most people I think they would have to make it have a 360 view and have it be a POV style anime where you are part of the story. It'll probably be done but I don't feel like we'll achieve it in 2017.
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