Post Reply Can you still play an old version/installment of a game after playing the latest/newer one?
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Posted 8/11/17
Just asking.

I enjoy Pokemon Games a lot and have played on emulators since I was a kid. I haven't played them all though and haven't gotten to finish Crystal, Fire Red/Leaf Green but after playing the ones available on DS, I kind of don't feel that enthusiastic about playing the old games anymore because I'm now too used to the graphics of the later games.

Same with Harvest Moon. I like playing the game and have enjoyed (More) Friends of Mineral Town but after seeing my brothers play Rune Factory, it feels weird looking at simple HM games due to different graphics/character design and since I have been playing other RPG games, the lack of one in HM feels weird.

How about you guys? Do you still feel like playing an older version/older installment of a certain game after seeing and/or playing a later one?
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Posted 8/12/17
It really depends. With Pokemon games I generally would say no. Especially with the first two generations. Those games are practically unplayable by today's standards. However, I did play FireRed for the first time after playing Diamond and was fine with it.

And sometimes the newest games aren't actually the best. Take The Sims for instance. The Sims 4 is easily the worst game in the series. Not even the graphics of it are really that great. Not that I've really played The Sims 4. I could tell that game wasn't worth it from the minute they brought out a very lackluster reveal of it and then showed absolutely nothing about it for a full year, of which that year was leading right up to its release.
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Posted 8/12/17
Pretty much the only games I prefer the older installments to the newer is the Legend of Zelda series. I really enjoyed the classics up to the the gamecube era. The newest ones on the other hand I find either boring or uninteresting.
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