Post Reply The Elric Bros. or Team Mustang? Which FMA team did you think have the better teamwork?
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Posted 8/15/17
Now, I never got a chance to watch Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and I only stopped half way through the manga several years ago.

However, because I've been exposed to tons of team-objective shooters like Battlefield, Team Fortress 2, and Overwatch, and thus melee combat doesn't have the same appeal to me it once did in the past, I'd have to go for Team Mustang. Even if their commanding officer, Roy Mustang, is the only member of his own team that could use alchemy, I can't deny his other five teammates and their capabilities in combat, at least with guns like, again, a team-objective shooter like the aforementioned Battlefield, Team Fortress 2, and Overwatch.

Plus, there is a heavy Chess motif in Team Mustang, as well, where Roy Mustang would willingly consider himself and his team almost the equivalent of Chess pieces, while still considering each other a surrogate family, similar to Ed and Al being literal family with each other.
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