Post Reply Would you do something just because it's your only chance of doing it?
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Posted 8/15/17 , edited 8/15/17
There is no need to do it, and no money involved. There is a chance of regretting not doing it, but it's just as likely you'll regret doing it. If able to do it whenever, you would probably end up not doing it. In this situation, would a 'now or never' change your stance on doing something? And is doing it because it's the only chance in your life to do it a good enough reason?

I'm torn between both. Personally, I might do it just because it's my only chance, but I don't think it's a good enough reason. What about you?
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Posted 8/15/17 , edited 8/15/17

Like paying $375 for a Metallica when they stopped at the Rogers centre in Toronto

Like I literally told my friend this is now or never, because you never know how long it will be, or ever again.

Best show I've seen so far.

Just do it, because those chances come only once in a lifetime. The memories, and the fun you could or will have
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Posted 8/15/17 , edited 8/15/17
Generally, yes
I've always been told (and have experienced) that you regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did do
No good story starts go "remember that one time we didn't do that thing"

Though caution and priority is important
Maybe you have others things going on and you just want to chill. Or maybe you're building to something that will be even better.
Or the the thing could be 75% likely to end in disaster. Depends, really
Just remember, a lethal dose is also a lifetime supply
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Posted 8/15/17 , edited 8/15/17
Just do it.

Biggest things in life are things you regret of things you didn't do.
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