mmo action games (recommend)
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Posted 2/16/08 , edited 2/16/08
well im looking for some good mmo games that ain't rpg. they can invove rpg like themes but not be centered on it if you get me.
the point of this thread is to find good hack and slash or shooting games, or anything else lol. its best if it is free but if you have a recommendation to p2p game then it would be great if it had a trial atleast.
don't only name games, but describe alittle.

a game that i liked was "Gunz"
the videos you can find of it are horrible, so don't bother watching em lol :P
the good things about this game is that it is really fast paced. you can run on walls, do flips change direction in the air and so on. it's a shooting /sword third person game.
the bad things is the terrible community and slow download kinda square graphics some places. it has good graphics overall tough, but it doesnt have awesome like halo and so on.

you get what i mean by discribing? well i hope to get alot of responses. it can be all kinds of mmo's, but not mmorpg's. and not browser based games like runescape please, i really want better graphics then 400x600 pixels -.-
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