which is better version? asian's orig vs. hollywood adaptation
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Posted 2/16/08 , edited 2/16/08
a lot of asians movie are being adapted in hollywood right now! even anime [dragon ball coming soon]...
so which do you prefer? the original version or the hollywood adaptation?

so list all hollywood adaptation you know and which do you think is much better?

here is my list:
the ring = i prefer jap. ver but the hollywood effects rocks!
one missed call = havent seen this one yet, but a lot of negatives and saying the original is way bettter..
infernal affairs = i forgot the hollywood title! but i hate the adaptation! maybe if i didnt watch hk movie, the hollywood is great, but the comparison is way to much... the hk ver. is like trilogy and the hollywood made the trilogy into 1 film only... but the hollywood cast is fantastic... leo, matt omg.. at first i was .... this is huge.. but at the end
the grudge = for me same as the ring, but the jap. is much horrifying
the eye = havent seen this yet again but hoping it reach the hk.. status
street fighter [anime and hk movie] = so dissapointed in hollywood ver.
dark waters = i love the both ver. but i prefer a little more to hollywood.. jennifer c. is great in here!
the lake house = i just heard in one comment i think that the original is korean.
dance with me = ive seen richard g. ver. and the trailer of jap. but the jap. is kinda old [and havent watched it] so i go to hollywood!!
and last dragon ball = i hate to watched the live action movie.. in my opinion they ruined the whole package!!
Posted 2/16/08
It's a pain to say that all new VS thread will be removed due to the amount of VS thread CR is having
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Posted 2/16/08
I prefer the original version in some cases like Street Fighter, The Grudge and The Ring. But I love The Lake House and Dance With Me.

I'm kinda worried about the outcome of Dragon Ball Hollywood version.

And I saw on imdb that they are making a Hollywood version of My Sassy Girl but I think I will still like the Korean version more.
Posted 2/16/08
but with
hollywood graphics.
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Posted 2/16/08
No vs threads, read the rules.

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