Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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  • Amazing story with incredible character depth
    Great story with a different outlook on the human race. Pirates, robots and the vision of gods were all used in this anime and worked really well together. Characters show a lot of depth and mental intimacy. Animation was really visually pleasing and the colors compliment the mood of the story through out each episode. Definitely one of my favorites.
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  • Kept me guessing, very enjoyable anime
    I was pretty hooked for many episodes, and then the story took a turn, and I was unsure what to make of things. It was nice to not know what to expect for a change :)
    That alone makes this worth watching: it's not just another space/mecha show, it has some pretty interesting 'depths', if you'll forgive the pun ;)

    Audio was solid, nothing noticeably wrong. Decent music, ...
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  • Exatamente como eu imagino um dia acontecer
    Esse anime resgatou meus pensamentos / sonhos a respeito de como seria encontrar alguém de outro planeta/galáxia aqui na Terra.

    Foi uma ótima experiência compartilhar o aprendizado de cada personagem durante todos episódios: as dúvidas, decisões, raiva e o amor.

    Foi engraçado e emocionante. Logicamente poderia ser maior, porém estou acostumado já (e creio que seja algo bom) com esses animes ...
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    I absolutely loved this anime. The characters were amazing, Amy wasn't annoying, the sci-fi was epic, I just loved EVERYTHING about this anime. I hate that they cancelled season two, however.

    Ledo, an absolutely incredible super-soldier, was played just right. The fact that he'd spent all of his life in war and training left him with no other valuable skills. Yay! He's not good at ...
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  • A mech show that delivers a thought provoking plot, 5 Stars!!!
    From start to finish this show delivers in all departments. Personally I have great disdain for half season shows (prefer a real season to be min 20 eps), however this is one of the few that has made it as one of my favorites. The background story and progression really puts up front a though provoking notion of how humans interact and survive in a different kind of world. Also how the lack of ...
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  • One of the Best Anime Out There, I can't Mean it More Sincerely
    While this is probably something you very commonly hear on the incredibly-positive Crunchyroll community reviews, let it be known that I am incredibly harsh on anime, almost to a level that many people on this site would probably consider extreme.

    Put shortly, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is in my opinion one of the best recent anime out there, with its de-emphasized mecha, surprisingly ...
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  • Very enjoyable, something a bit different.
    This anime has great animation and is something a little bit different.
    Very likeable characters and a good story.
    For me this anime was a pretty feel good series. It has some good action, very nice looking animation, cute girls, some pervy moments but light on the fan servie, some funny moments and it made me smile.
    Some kinda sad momenst also. Some nice twists in the story.
    Pitty this ...
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  • Expected standard mecha, got something original
    This surprised me! Started off as standard mecha series but quickly turned everything on it's head with an original setting and for me, original story. The characters could have used more fleshing out but all in all they pulled me in to the story and it's beautifully drawn to boot.

    Very pleasantly surprised, a recommended watch!
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  • Excellent series with some thought provoking themes
    Amazing pacing, intriguing backstory which was explained adequately eventually (but could still be expanded upon for future seasons), clear and thought provoking themes, likable characters, and very well written scores. Not the same as Fate/Zero or the likes, but definitely a higher-up in the extremely solid series club.

    Recommended. tin-can/10.
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  • Great original story
    Excellent show. The story line is actually original, and I never could tell what was going to happen next. I really enjoyed this series, and highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the sci fi steampunk type animes. I was very disappointed when I realized I reached the end of the series.
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