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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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    Original and engaging
    I found it difficult to not watch this entire series in one sitting, and I consider myself somewhat picky about anime.

    The bad:
    - The series prematurely ended with a 'mop up', but not the worst I've seen.
    - Character development is a bit lacking, but to be expected in a short series.
    - Some fan service, the girls are a bit too well-endowed and skimpily-clad.

    The good:
    - Very original ...
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  • Feels and all sorts of Gloriousness.
    Wow. I can't even begin to describe the overall emotional toll this anime has taken on me. It climbed through to the absolute tip-top of my favorite animes and I can't get enough. Has a tad bit of Steampunk elements which was a nice touch. You've seen the reviews. Watch it. Trust me. An absolute stranger.
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  • Awesome post-apocalyptic anime!
    One of the better futuristic post-apocalypse animes I've seen in awhile. The animation is great, they do use some 3D models but it's all integrated very well with the standard animation. The story is done very well too, no gaping plot holes and things are revealed at the right moments. Very enjoyable I highly recommend it. (Man all this just to give it 5 stars... makes me wish it was more like ...
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  • An Old and New Twist
    If you like mecha show's, then this is a must watch. How does Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet have a new and old twist? The show has a slow beginning, but it's necessary to watch in order for the rest of the anime to come together. If you skip it, you will be sorry towards the end of the show, since the main character, Ledo, frequently has flashbacks about his former world. The show definitely ...
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  • amazing! amazing! don't pass this up
    I cannot say enough good things about this anime. if you don't watch it you are really missing out on a a gun mech/humanity story. I've always been a fan of "crew" type anime like Last exile or eureka seven. you get to see the main character learn and interact with the crew/family of the Garganita and it's couldn't have been any better. I hope them make another season.
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  • Short and sweet, as good as it gets
    This is one of the best shows that I have ever seen. Gargantia is a masterfully written piece which reaches a coherent conclusion in a timely fashion. While this show focuses on plot and character development, I must warn you that the intro to the first episode sets an off tone precedent. While there are action sequences throughout this anime, none so much as reach the height of the introductory ...
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  • Really intriguing take on the typical Mecha anime!
    This isn't your typical mecha anime! There is a good mix of character development as well as action and the pacing of the story also feels well placed.
    However, it still had a few of the common mecha anime tropes, whether that is something that would bother you or not is up to you. But, all-in-all it was a really well rounded anime and I enjoyed it.
    Would recommend to anyone who likes mecha ...
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  • Absolutely Fantastic
    Despite initially enticed by the promise of a mech anime, I loved it even more because it was not your typical mecha anime. In this short series, you get to grow with Ensign Ledo, a soldier who fails to understand the world around him but continuously learns to accept and embrace this new way of life. It all culminates in an ending that leaves you satisfied and has its fair share of "WOW" moments.
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  • Nice deviation from typical mecha
    I had a lot of expectations for this series given that it was written by Gen Urobochi, the writer for Madoka and Psycho Pass. The tone of the series is a lot lighter than his previous works. The basic premise of the story involves Ledo, a soldier who knew nothing but fighting trying to adapt into an environment that is absent of the dangers he faced in space.
    The anime at first follows the ...
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  • Wow, great dialogue and show
    Simply a very beautiful show. Few episodes, great content (first few episodes may be slow), and dialogue between Ensign Ledo and his Mecha fighter is one of the best I've seen in any show. The show kind of reminded me of my childhood show Robotech, where everyone is stuck on a ship but they learn to live and enjoy life on it. All in all, great show, excellent animation and the coloring is bright ...
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