Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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    It Stands Among the Best
    I officially can no longer place any faith in online classification and synopsis writing of anime. In particular, this one fell way outside of my usual genre interest. The synopsis, as usual, was poorly written and an immediate turn off. But, after watching a long string of good anime whose summaries had initially deterred me, I decided to watch this one based on the promising art work and good ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Pinion is a babe, 5 stars.
    Really nice mecha, I would say even those who aren't into the mecha genre could easily get into this. When Ledo lands on a strange planet, there's a lot of questions that challenge our society and its advancements: our loss of emotion, what it really means to be ourselves without losing our humanity and self discovery. By the end, it really made me want to go back and watch Evangelion again.
    If ...
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  • Reprogramming a soldier
    A soldier from a galactic war is separated as part of a gate jump, and ends up on a world with a much lower technology level. The anime covers his trip from a emotionless soldier, to a more humane person who can appreciate the good things in life including love.

    Some good combat, and good story, as you understand how he became who he was, and who he will become.

    On route to this he ...
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  • Overall "good" needs character development and script re-work
    I did enjoy this series, however I think it had a lot of potential to be phenomenal rather than just good. The series is lacking in character development and has a lot of weird interactions between characters that are pointless and very unnecessary. I definitely think the script could use some re-working. But overall I don't regret watching and will probably check out the sequel when it comes ...
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  • My first anime and still a favorite
    Gargantia was the first anime I ever fully watched.

    If you like sci-fi or fantasy animes, this one is for you. It goes much deeper than the typical superficial anime and explores questions of human nature in addition to the personal arcs of each of the characters. Mild fan service, though it still present.
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet
    This anime had me feeling both happiness and sadness for Ensign Leto (the main character), I love this anime for one reason only, It faces a real life situation and it brings us to question what would hapeen if we met someone from outer space, let alone artificial intelligence.


    I don't like how there is some type of love interest between Ensign Leto and the female character. ...
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  • One of the Best! Ever!
    One of the best anime series I have ever watched! The story is very exciting and pulls you in quickly. The plot develops really smoothly and the character development is also amazing. It has an absolutely epic and satisfying ending too. And did I mention the animation art and soundtrack are stunningly beautiful?? It's so friggin good, but if you're not comfortable with lots of fanservice in a ...
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  • Filled with surprises!
    I love this anime and would recommend to others. It has action, a mecha controlled by AI, and a great story with huge twists. It's also interesting to see the protagonist learn from his surroundings. I found it interesting to see that most of the anime is set on a post-ice age Earth and seeing how humans fully adapted to the planet filled with water was great!
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  • Good, but a bit too fast.
    The show was very well done, and the story line was interesting. But I think that it was a bit too short, which lead to a bit of shallowness and lack of depth to the characters. I think that if it was a bit longer, it would have had more time to mature. That being said, it was still enjoyable and interesting to watch!
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  • The Adventures of CHAMBER On the Vibrantly Colored Seas
    Story follows a fairly predictable pattern. Kid fights in a war in space. Kid gets taken from war due to an accident. Kid has to learn how to survive in peacetime, but brings powerful technology with him. People take advantage of technology and regret their decisions, so everybody leaves behind the ways of war and go back to focusing on peace.
    The series has great artwork with a vibrant ...
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