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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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  • Gargantia; anime by numbers and it works
    please for give me as i do not take the time to summarize the plot and story, you can read the synopsis on this very site. let's list the things i liked; the character designs, and the story of this soldier lost in a peaceful world. i liked how the explained why his super robot was far superior to the local mecha. plenty of cute girls, a slice of life story involving mecha. then comes the second ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Awesome Action and Fun to watch, but the characters...
    This is a good action anime, and the story idea is really cool! But I don't think the character development was really that great, I didn't really feel connected to the characters after the 5th episode or so. :/
    I watched it all in one day, so it's good to fill in if you're waiting for new episodes for your other animes. c:
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  • 3 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    A surprisingly endearing take on Gundam Wing Concept
    Dropping a Sociopath Child Soldier with a Godlike Mobile Suit into a Peaceful Civilization

    It's called the Gundam Wing (GW) setup. You take a maladjusted child soldier, give him an uber-powerful mobile suit, and strand him in a peaceful civilization or region. I can guess what you're thinking:
    "Grab the popcorn. If you ever wondered what a fox in a henhouse looks like, you're about to ...
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  • Short but worth watching
    This serie has a lot of things that normally would not blend well but the writers made it work so smoothly that is a pity it is just 13 episodes long. I am eager to see a second season.

    Normally when you watch a serie with robots and huge battles, there is not a lot of character development, but in this case the progonist evolves emotionally in each chapter while discovering that there is more ...
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  • surprising/incredible
    Good story. I didn't expect that at all.

    - Ending to short. Missing something. Might be worth it to have couple more episode.

    - Lovely characters
    - Nice art style, well animated.

    The story is a bit twisted and it gets better after the first episode.
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  • Origin meets waterworld
    This anime is very reminiscent of the anime movie Origin: spirits of the past. It also invokes elements from Water World and Gundam Seed. I really liked the main character, Ledo, but the other characters didn't seem too deep or complex, despite the creator's efforts to flesh them out. If it were a little longer it might have helped this, but I think the length of this anime was perfect for ...
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  • Fantastic setting/atmosphere
    Extend this series by a couple episodes; throw in some light heart-ed character development with romance during the linguistic barrier, add some extra lore to further develop the already superb setting, and you've got a well built story with a dramatic ending that the critics would love.

    With that said it was a very enjoyable ride in a truly immersive setting and is certainly worth a watch.
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  • Great potential, but bland characters and episode count held it back
    There were some interesting ideas in this series, but it failed to deliver overall. I would consider it above average, but not a classic.

    I enjoyed the early culture shock and language barrier stuff. They could’ve done way more with this. It may have been a better series if it had more episodes. The show does succeed in that I would like to see more of this world.

    The characters all felt ...
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  • Not what I excpected
    This was an amazing anime, it made me genuinely happy to watch, it's bright and warm, and with a story dark and compelling. Really not what I excpected it to be at all. Lots of action, comedy, character development, beautiful romance. Just a brilliant anime overall.
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  • Thrilling and Shocking, a Must Watch Anime
    Gargantia on the Verdurous Plant (Suisei no Gargantia) is a short anime with only 13 episodes. Despite the length, the anime packs in moderate character development and shocking plot twists.
    It is based on a futuristic, utopian, war-ridden space colony and an antiquated dystopian Earth civilization. The Earth civilization prospered from what was left behind when most of the humans evacuated the ...
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