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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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  • I'm in LOVE with these characters....
    Seriously....these have got to be some of the best characters in any anime that's come out this year- and with such a perfect blending of genre's to boot. You want a little Gundam? You got it! Some Battlestar Galactica on the side? ON THE HOUSE!!! How about a dash of Black Lagoon? TAKE A WHOLE PLATE!!!
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Great Story, Great Anime
    I was curious about this particular anime because of my love of mechs and giant robots. I'm so glad I watched it. The story is great with interesting characters that you come to care about. The art work is beautiful and the music for it is fantastic. I really enjoyed the interactions between Ledo the protagonist, and all the people he meets because you get to see him evolve over time and change ...
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  • Fantastic! Better than a lot of other anime!
    When this series started airing i thought that the cover picture looked interesting so i decided to give it a try. I watched a little of the first episode and turned away from it because it seemed too confusing(thought i had to read the Manga/Light novel first)
    recently i decided to give it a try again and powered through the first episode and toward the end, where he got to earth, is when i got ...
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  • Different take on Sci-Fi, Well Executed!
    First off, before I get into the pros and cons, let me say that this anime has one of the most interesting settings, and if you are NOT looking for something new and unique, you should not watch this! =]

    With that said, on to my actual review:

    The main character is a fighter for a Galactic Alliance for Humanity, and is trying to eliminate the enemy alien race, which they have been fighting ...
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  • Probably one of the best anime series in 2013
    Thirteen episodes of really good personal devlopment of the main protagonist. This show starts off on a bang and then slows down and then picks right back up where it was.

    The story is great, probably one of the best twists I have seen in an Anime. Literally is one of the best twists since Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, but not quites as big since it is only a 13 episode series.

    This ...
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  • An excellent anime to watch while you're waiting for your favorite anime's next release.
    The cover art first had me thinking it was going to be some ONE PIECE type of anime with a mech running around, though, this was very much to my surprise a well written story. Without ruining any of the story giving away too much about it. I will say the main character reminds me of the movie [Soldier] with Kurt Russell. A soldier who basically knows only the life of a soldier & the mission ...
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  • Sad it ended with 13 episodes. I want more!
    I wish it was more then just then just 13 episodes. They could of gone into more depth, but even for scratching the surface it was AMAZING. I loved the language barrier, love the characters. There was a little lollygagging around the early middle, but it was a great watch.
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  • Surprise! This isn't a Mecha anime...
    Despite the prominent mecha on the title art, you can't really call this a mecha anime; the role of the robots is minimal at best. The Mecha's AI, on the other hand, is a major player, and is well used as a narrative device to explain the more subtle details of the world. The characters are realistic and develop in ways that make sense. Romance is lacking; much is hinted at a future between the ...
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  • A cute action anime!
    Action. Check.
    A non-annoying, strong, likeable male protagonist who develops character. Check.
    Fantasy/Sci-fi. Check.
    A cute, independent, non-annoying female protagonist. Check.
    Good story. Check.
    Romance. Check. (At least I think it was romance...or a really, really, really strong friendship)

    The only thing I didn't like was the fanservice. Though it was mild.
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