Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods

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  • A Light, Breezy Shrine Maiden Anime.
    I did like this anime, but it did feel a little empty.

    The characters were likable enough, the plots were entertaining enough, and the atmosphere of the show was nice, but overall I felt sort of disappointed with it. Honestly, the vibe they were going for seemed similar to Ancient Magus Bride in terms of calm, slice of life fantasy. (And no, the lack of romance isn't the problem)

    I think it ...
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  • Cute, heart warming and easy to watch show.
    This show is so-called "AYAKASHI MONO" genre - interaction between human and non-human, especially non-human is only visible to the main character. Notable example is "Natsume Yujin Cho". "Gin Gitsune" is not famous as Natsume, but this show is well-written, well-made one. More focused on human side, especially main character MAKOTO, high-school girl / shrine maiden. Character drawing is not very ...
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  • This series was incredibly sweet.
    I really enjoyed Gingitsune. It didn't turn out at all as I originally expected--eg magical exorcisms or problems that need solving. Really it was more of a slice-of-life series about Makoto, who just happens to see the herald that lives at her shrine, Gin.

    There was a lot more focus on domestic and sort of everyday teenage issues than some other series in a similar vein, like Natsume ...
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  • Ancient tradition that lives and breathes.
    What I love most about this slice-of-life series with a supernatural underpinning is that it showcases the ancient traditions, religions and customs of Japan, but it always brings it home to the here and now in very human ways.

    The human characters are people who live normal, happy lives filled with informality amidst all the formal trappings of their worlds. The spirits, or heralds of the ...
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  • A short and sweet anime
    I really liked this anime if your looking for something short but sweet this is it. The relationships between the heralds and the humans are great. I wish it was longer or had a second season because I feel the story wasn't over and so much was left undone but for the short 12 ep season it was it was great.
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  • Fantastical slice of life
    Now I have to go search everywhere to find this manga. I want more! It's a perfect mix of fantasy, spirits, a bit of cultural history/education, and great slice of life stories. I definitely think this should have gotten another season, since it looked about ready to move into a new story - but it's great as is.
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Beautiful characters that you easily get attached to
    I thoroughly watching this anime. It has a relaxing feel to it and I am always looking forward to every episode. They don't have a save the world plot or get rid of the evil youkai theme but instead deals with the relationship with the characters and how they deal with everyday life. Good back stories of the other characters too. I feel that there might be a season 2 I hope would be nice to ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Easygoing, relaxing slice of life
    The show has all of your standard slice of life "aww" moments: a girl making friends, overcoming the stone hearted boy, familial love, and some cute, fluffy, mischievous characters. The focus on temples and temple life is also an added bonus and got me curious about the real temples of Japan - it's a nice touch.

    All in all, this was enjoyable and I'd love to see a second season.
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  • Relaxing and very watchable
    Gingitsune is super fun, laid back and doesn't take itself too seriously. A beautiful anime with a heart of gold that brings in its audience slowly. I would love to see a second season of this and see Makoto progress in her shrine maiden journey. Also I want to find out where Kinjiro went. So much mystery left in this story. Would totally recommend to others. :-D
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  • Very enjoyable Temple Lore Anime
    very sweet anime that you can just lay back and enjoy. i love animes that delve into the spirit lore of temples and theirs guardians. From the main characters and their interactions and to the questions of " what happens to spirits when they are no admired and worshiped at their shrines?" Hope they continue with more episodes as the manga is not all translated out of japan yet.
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