Godzilla vs. Megalon

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    One of the best Godzilla movies of it's time.
    When my brothers and I first saw this years ago, we all wanted to be Jet Jagua. Whenever one of the Godzilla movies came on, we'd all sit down and watch it. I recommend just watching it for the entertainment value and ignoring the special effects. Remember that this was a time before CGI. t's still a fun watch after all these years.
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  • A Must See For Godzilla Fans
    The only way as a Kid I could see Godzilla Movies was at the Drive-In. For you Children, that is a Screen that is Outside, and you Drive your car up to the Screen and either Hang a Speaker On your Window or tune your car radio to a station to listen to the movie in your car through your radio and watch through your windshield the Movie on a Big outdoor screen.

    As I understand this Movie is not ...
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  • For nostalgia purposes only
    It's been 15 years since i've seen this movie so I was curious to re-watch one of my childhood films. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane but if you've never seen a Godzilla movie before then you probably won't enjoy these old films. As an adult it's tough to see the monsters as anything else but guys in rubber suits xD.
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    The 1999 effects are bad
    I think that the C.G.I is really bad even though this was mad a long time ago. Yes that is true but why don't they release another one and make this bad one go under the rug. Just to let you know I kinda liked the screenplay but the fights were totally boring.
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