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Devil Survivor 2...Charge and Dial up your Devil...to survive, to live!

BIg Dipper
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Posted 4/4/13  Reply  Quote
I have noticed is several Animes the reacuring theme for the big dipper and the Seven stars that make it up. It keeps repeating in several Animes, ie: "Corpus Princess" , "Toradora", and this one!

Why the Big Dipper? Why the number "7"? Why, why, WHY???

The Mystery will have to continue next week, unless someone has some theories on this, then post them here!
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Posted 4/10/13  Reply  Quote
This explains why The Big Dipper is involved in the game/anime of Devil Survivor 2.

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Posted 4/18/13  Reply  Quote
The big dipper has a HUGE place in the plot in this anime/game. It makes a lot of sense once you get it all straightened out.
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