Character Creation ♛
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Character Creation

Type Of Monster:
Picture: (spoiler)

Things to keep in mind:

-What are your character's reasons for attending the school.
-Aims and Goals.
-This is a new start despite the past.
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Name:Sarumi(Subaru) E. Phantomheim
background: Wife of Vance Cornwallis having a daughter named Cornwallis. She used to be a student at the academy but currently resides in the dorms so her daughter can attend classes. Despite being the queen of Cephiro she tries not to be pretentious. As of late she's been in her room working on finances and the economic situation of her world. Sarumi has a bit of a problem with depression. With her current situation of her daughter being antisocial and suspicious of her husband hang l hasn't helped at all. Her soul is in different fragments hers being the main one the others are; momoko,filament, and one without a name. Momoko seems to be her self hatred and is quite rude.Filament is A fragment of sarumis soul know for being very emotionless due to not having a heart she is very secretive and protective she mainly relies on magic when fighting but she wont hesitate to kill no one so far knows of her due to her secretive nature she has no heartbeat she represents sarumis fear and pain and can only take physical form for a limited time. And ??? (Seph Rah)hardly ever appears it is her hatred towards humans.Due to this Sarumi keeps her sealed though she can be seen in a reflective surface(mirror).

Likes:Vance and her daughter,food,nova,fighting,flowers
Dislikes:most everything, Vance dying, death itself if she has to deal with it
Type of monster:a hybrid specifically 1/4 fox demon 1/4 cat demon 1/2 angel

background:she is part of sarumis soul but lets others believe they are twins and is now a teacher. She used to be a angel and fell in love with a human but was betrayed by her lover and friends. her punishment for being in love with a human is being part of sarumis soul she had tried to kill sarumi when she was younger due to wanting to disappear and finally move on. She was offered a deal if she protects sarumi she may be forgiven. Her fiance is Ray which has given her hesitation as to whether she should redeem herself or stay on earth till she dies.
Likes:kids and sweets mostly unknown
Dislikes:Elizabeth C (Vances sister)
Type of monster: angel

Name;Yuko Phantomheim
background;Sarumis grandmother known as the interdimensional witch known for granting wishes for a price very infamous for changing history or ones fate occasional will appear to visit sarumi or bother Nova.(from the rp history) her old name was Ashura and her husband Yasha-o now known as mokona .
Dislikes;noise and stupidity
type of monster: fox demon
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