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How did you find One Piece and started watching
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19 / Canada,Montreal
Posted 9/23/12, Edited 11/22/12  Reply  Quote
i used to watch this on tv in 2007 i only watched like random episode in tv then it did not came on tv after the end of 2007 i think but in 2011 one of my friend was talking about luffy i said who was he he said hes a pirate who can strech his body then kaboom in my head i said i used to watch that cartoon ( that what i used to say befor because i did not know the name anime ) and in the present im a fan of this anime im on episode 573 its so awesome i recomend this anime to every one

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Posted 9/23/12, Edited 9/23/12  Reply  Quote
Hahah i started watching in tv too but stopped in the Drum island saga, years later i found i could watch it online and since then i walked every weekend from my home (where there wasn't internet access) to the city where i could get internet to watch it lol, and yeah im just going to watch the new episode XD
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Posted 11/21/12, Edited 11/21/12  Reply  Quote
TV Dubs when I was smaller lol xD used to watch it when I got home from school Didn't even know what anime was back then haha
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Posted 11/23/12, Edited 11/24/12  Reply  Quote
Saw it on Cartoon Network. I thought I had lost interested but then I found it on Hulu and decided to start watching it again. One of the best decisions of my life.
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Posted 1/22/14, Edited 1/22/14  Reply  Quote
Saw it when it premiered on Cartoon Network.
Never stopped watching it. Even after 4kids started showing One Piece. Even after it stopped showing on Toonami. Over 400 episodes later, I'm still watching it.
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Posted 6/12/14, Edited 6/13/14  Reply  Quote
Yeah use d to watch it as a kid but didn't really know what i was watching as i was just watching random episodes but since I caught up with Naruto and had to be waiting until every thursday for an episode i just decided to start watching another anime in its place and i said to myself that i remember i used to watch this cartoon with this guy who is always smiling but mostly i remembered the long nosed guy (Ussop) lol and found it then that was it i started watching it like crazy im so in love with it that im up to date now and i also read the manga cz i cant wait to know wht is going to happen
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Posted 6/14/14, Edited 6/14/14  Reply  Quote
I remember watching a dubbed episode on tv once when I was a kid. I wasn't too excited about, until I saw that there were hundreds of episodes. I thought if an anime can last this long it must be a great one. I spent many restless nights catching up with the anime then with the manga. It is one of my joys on Saturday.
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