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Spring Tiredness!
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Posted 4/18/13  Reply  Quote
Since it's the season of spring, I was wondering if any of you feel like the last two months of school are the longest. I always feel tired around this year just like Konata, Do you guys agree.( I had to add an anime reference or this wouldn't belong in otaku revolution :P) it's so hard to concentrate on homewor
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Posted 4/19/13  Reply  Quote
Well yes I agree its so long, and hot... So of course I feel really tiered sometimes so I sleep during class...
Anyway someone will always end up like that:

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Posted 4/19/13, Edited 4/19/13  Reply  Quote
lol well where I am the pollen is really bad! So everyone is sneezy, itchy, worn out and tired!
We can't wait for summer!!! (Im graduating you see )

But yeah I hate homework :PP

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