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Megu-tan: 1st impressions
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F / the Arland Republic
Posted 11/17/12  Reply  Quote
What do you all think of Miss Megu-tan?
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26 / F / Fort worth TX
Posted 11/17/12  Reply  Quote
well my first impression was o no here come trouble and he more i read i was right. i hate people that think that their all that. like the saying " they think their S**t dont stink" but in the end i think it was pay bak for all that happened to her
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18 / M / Texas, USA
Posted 1/4/13  Reply  Quote
Ugh Megu was cute, but from her introduction, it was obvious she was going to go for Yamato! I think her character was created to be hated lol. I like her because she really strengthened Yamato and Mei's relationship although I hated her in the process.
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F / Tropical Skittle
Posted 12/1/13, Edited 12/1/13  Reply  Quote
I thought she was one of those people who will use her money to get people, and when she first saw Yamato and said she didn't care if he had a girlfriend I was like AWWWW HECK NAHH!!! Hahaha
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17 / F
Posted 6/15/14  Reply  Quote
I knew she was going to be trouble as soon as I saw her. Yeah she is pretty but going after someone who already has a girlfriend isn't cool. When I learned about her past, I felt bad for her.
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