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Hey Guys :D
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Congratulations, for you have become a member of The Corny Romance Fiction Club. That is a beautiful thing, my friends.
First of all, a toast... *Raises Glass* the birth of a powerful new alliance! Here, we shall fight to regain the honor of cheesy romances! HURRAH!

Okay, enough of that.
So, if you guys are writers, don't be shy, post a story in the forum! I will be very happy if you do. Keep it PG-13, though. I don't have a problem reading steamy love sessions, know...
If you people actually do that, then I'll maybe put some more guidelines up. But for now, it's a free for all. Do what you like. Go bananas.

You can also recommend books and movies along with (obviously) animes and mangas if you'd like. Actually, I'd prefer that. Who wants to start the topic?

Let's be friends, yeah?

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