Its been Years! Should we reboot?

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Now that Kaien Cross retired, the night class is finally reestablished by his Apprentice, Sayori Wakaba. With the day class not knowing,she continues the mission of her teacher. Now, Sayori is still hoping that Vampires and Humans will be at peace. This is our continuation of the series.

Chapter 1: 1st night- Eternity

Sayori finally re-opens the Night Class and with Yuuka Kuran's help, nobles and Purebloods enroll as night Class students. Night Class wasn't the only one that was renewed in the Campus even guardians. the daughter of Kiryuu finally enrolled in when she discovered that Vampires were back. Nana Kiryuu as the head prefect finally reunites with Yuuka Kuran and was able to meet Azusa Hiou and Mizore Senri.

Chapter 2: 2nd night- Prefects and Students

Nana Kiryuu sees a night class student namely Kain Yan lurking outside the dorms in the designated time. Nana gives her another chance and goes to Yuuka to report about it. The next day, Nana was inside the sunlight Dorms and find Kaito sleeping and being a lazy prefect. She also stumbled Haruka Suzumiya the niece of Sayori wakaba. That same night Ai Kiryuu, nana's sibling enrolled in the Academy.

Chapter 3: 3rd night-Kiryuu Sisters and the Pureblood hiou

When Yuuka Kuran fights with Nana Kiryuu. Ai Kiryuu who was enrolled was also added in the fight. Yuuka blackmails Nana if she will leave she will kill Ai. For a short time, Yuuka discovered that Ai was a vampire she has no choice but to tell it to the principal. Sayori said that Ai needs to transfer but Yuuka said that she can help by making Ai human. Alvaro is the sacrifice but Ai decided that she'll stay in the Night Class instead.

Chapter 4: 4th night- Hello Parents?

Nana Kiryuu and her sister were visited by their father, Zero. He was alarmed when he saw Ai wearing a night Class uniform. As for the other students, Haruka Suzumiya from the Day Class committee was glad when she was told that her mother Shimizu-sensei will be enrolling as a staff member. A New student comes in he's the son of WAkaba and Takiyama Kaito, he's name is Shigeru.

Chapter 5: 5th night- stein's Adventure in Looking Cross academy

Mitsuru Stein has been lost in the outskirts of Cross academy. It seems like he got lost in the way. Ayumi Ouri tells him about vampires but doesn't believe her. the next thing that saved him from Ouri's intention is Daisuke Kuran, Yuuka's brother. Mitsuru comes to the academy safely.

Chapter 6: 6th night- Disappearance

In broad daylight, Haruka was asked by her aunt to buy coffee on the outskirts of Cross Academy. the daughter of Aido was also their but now with her. she heard a scream but she saw nothing and til that day she was missing. The hunters became worried and is afraid that maybe they will fall to the vampires' hands but Daisuke cleared them that nobles and Hunters will not kill each other

Chapter 7: 7th night- Yuuka's Deception

Two hunters enters the academy but not as guardians but as Day Class students they become friends with the other Day class students such as Shigeru and Takayoshi. After a while they visited the association about Haruka Suzumiya's disappearance. Shimizu-sensei starts to react over Yuuka's leadership as dorm leader. yuuka became disappointed at herself. She traveled back to the dorms with a wolf following her. The wolf was sent by her brother. Yuuka was attack by a level e and wounded.

Chapter 8: 8th night- Cross academy's Ball

the new student, Hisoka Takayoshi arrives in Cross academy within perfect timing. He was invited by his childhood friendHaruko Kurenai. At the entrance of the ball Daniel Sutcliff, Kyouta Ichijo and Alvaro Rheis were assigned by their dorm leader to be the look out. Mean while in the moon light Dorms, yuuka was deeply injured but her arm as able to heal. Daisuke decided that yuuka should stop visit the Senate for her own protection. at the Ball, Sayori and Shimizu is still worried about Haruka. They can't take that their relative was missing. As for haruko and Hisoka they enjoyed the night together with Katiria Shoutou

Chapter 9: 9th night- The child of Shirabuki and Kuran

this chapter talks about the Life of Camelia Shirabuki, She lived in a lonely house with only maids and butlers to spoil her. Sara who often visits her even though she's her mother, same time with Hanadagi her adoptive father. After a while her parents died, people wondered why she has the eyes of the Kurans they were thinking that maybe she is an illegitimate child. But Daisuke Kuran protects her and tells them that it's impossible that his father committed adultery and yet they respected the two purebloods and bowed for forgiveness. That was when Camelia felt that Daisuke is her fiancee, which is not.

Chapter 10: 10th night- My dearest Onii-sama

When Mitsuru Stein was just passing by a level E tells him that Haruka Suzumiya is already dead. He panics and runs off. Haruko Kurenai helps him and kills the level E. She saw Camelia Shirabuki feeling pity for the vampire. Haruko comes back in the dorm with a letter from a Day class student and saw Yuuka packing her stuff for the winter breaks. Kyouta teases her about young love now a days. Camelia gave out a strong presence and yet they have met again. Camelia still despises Yuuka and enjoys looking at Haruko. Camelia is indeed dismissed at court by Daisuke. In the Sun dorms. Takayoshi picks on a fight with Hideki and Naoki. but later on they became friends

Chapter 11: 11th night- Don't mess with the past

Kyouta reminds Haruko not to love a human because it will haunt for eternity. Haruko gets angry and cries off. Daisuke comes home smelling Camelia's scent, he asked where was yuuka and Alvaro said that she's in her room. Danielle was asked by Daisuke to talk about Madoka Shikimori to Haruko. Haruko discovers about Madoka and Kyouta's past. She feels sorry and sad at the same time. Kyouta comes in and explained some things about humans and almost gave her a kiss. but he stopped and confessed about his feelings Haruko feels embarrassed and so is Kyouta.

Chapter 12.0: 12th night- Kuran Manor & Revenge, Despise

Kyouta and the other night Class students were invited to the Kuran manor for yuuka's 2Nd millennium. While in the academy Haruko reads the letter and wants to see Takiyoshi, but Takiyoshi gets attacked by a level e and Haruko saves him. Takiyoshi became aware of Vampires. Haruko runs off to the dorm and calls Kyouta. She will be going to the Kuran Manor. Kyouta takes her there and left her in the guest room. Haruko gets hungry and goes to the kitchen. but alvaro was kidnapped by Danielle. a maid asked Haruko is she could deliver the keys to Kyouta. She passes by and sees a picture on the wall that looks like her. the girl is actually Madoka Shikimori. As she was about to slip the keys to Kyouta she heard a female voice and she thought that she was only a food to Kyouta.

With the history with the Shin brothers, level E Naoki and his human Hideki, Hanadagi Kotone decides to use Naoki to help bring her brother to the school. She treated to kill the brother best friend Asayo Hotaru to submit them to her will. Kotone wants to shack things up by attacking Naoki first. Finding the fight Takayoshi enters the fight but was not match when Kotone enters the battle with her powers of natural distortion. Naoki was no match, Kotone will over him was too strong. To make sure that Naoki was under her power, Kotone bites Naoki to make sure that he would be her servant. Takayoshi tries to stop her but lost, and had to watch Kotone bite his friend. After her fun Kotone takes Nirou away with her, leaving Naoki bleeding. Takayoshi covers his wounds and takes Naoki away and to the main gate to get him out of harms way and calls for back up.

Chapter 12.5: 12th night- Kuran Manor & Revenge, Despise 2

After the attack Kyouta sends the wolf to bring Haruko to a private part of the house, a room that has not been used in years. Kyouta shows her images of what has happen to Kyouta before he tells her that he was the real son of Kaname and Yukki Kuran. Haruko start to freak out about it but agrees to not say anything about it. She start to wonder what she should do next with all the information that she got. But giving Haruko this, he finds Yuuka bleeding after being attack by Camellia

After the fight with Hanadagi Kotone, Takayoshi takes the bleeding Naoki away from the school incase a level e was in the area. On there way Takayoshi call for some help from a hunter, his uncle Hisoka Katsuro. When they get to the gate, Naoki start to take Naoki his blood tablets as Katsuro start to come up the step. Takayoshi tell Katsuro what happen and after finding out about Naoki already being a vampire, Katsuro debates with shooting Naoki but doesnt. Instead of killing him he would let Hideki would do the job. To keep things come around the school the three of them agreed to have Takayoshi take Asayo Hotaru home with him for the school break to keep her safe. Takayoshi stays on campus to watch Hotaru as Karsuro take Naoki to talk to Kiryuu Zero.

Chapter 13.0: side story- a Friend of a foe?

A new student comes to Cross Academy within a bad timing, Keith Xowen one of the legendary vampires, entered the academy without Yuuka's knowing and expectation. He tries his lustful looks on a night student assigned by Yuuka to look after the Dorm. but instead she thinks that he was a pervert.

Chapter 13.5: Its time to play hide and seek. ....

Katsuro and Naoki go to the Association in hope that Zero would help. but with no luck. they head back to the school with Katsuro thinking about staying near the school.

Back at the school, Hanadagi trys again to get her hands on Hotaru.she sends a servant Nirou after her. Takayoshi and Hideki to fight off Nirou but fails again when Hanadagi saves him and takes Nirou away with her. Takayoshi and Hideki both agree that Takayoshi needed to take Hotaru away right away. Takayoshi takes Hotaru to the country with him to stay with him and his mother as Hideki says at the school with Naoki.

Chapter 14: 14th night Desolated Mission of Nana and Despises of Azusa

Nana was tasked by Kaito and her father to find the body and remains of Haruka, but every time she gets closer to the place where it is hidden she's attacked by many level e's. but before that, she meets Kaito's foster son, Shigeru. Shigeru helps as well by having a search party. As for the Night Class, Azusa returns and overjoys to see that Yuuka wasn't around, she sees a fellow night class student and asked if any events happened. The night class told her about Camelia shirabuki. Azusa says that she wants to meet her.

Chapter 15: 15th Sayonara, but we'll meet again...

As Daisuke feels away from Yuuka, he tells Kyouta to assemble a meeting. Kyouta, replaces and leaves for the council, doubting that Haruko will come to take some notes for her father. While he was on his trip the Day class students heard that he will be away permanently , Alvaro stops the crowd. Haruko then asks Daisuke if it was true and later on agrees. As he was in the meeting, the members again debate about the hunters, Kyouta stops them from that debate and preceded in the meeting. Mitsuki Shimokawa, his secretary rushes in about something. the discovery of the Wakaba corpse. He immediately tells Daisuke. After the meeting, Haruko and her father has a chat, then Mitsuki asked Kyouta if she were to join Cross academy and later on agrees.

Chapter 16: 16th night New student and New Rival?

Haruko agrees with Mitsuki hanging around with them. Kyouta, mitsuki and Haruko comes back to the Academy and dorms. Yuuka was very much pleased of Kyouta's attitude whenever mitsuki was with him. Kyouta still awaits for Haruko's answer. Camelia enrolls in the academy as well. That Day Camelia meets junichi the level E, he offers her prey but rejects it. Azusa sees her and stated she doesn't like her.

Chapter 17: 17th night Corpse and Council?

Later that noon, Nana was tasked to watch the night class students as they were to take the corpses away from the dorms. Nana then realizes that vampire can smell blood and can't miss it. mean while in the garden Camelia notices Haruko and wants to play with her then she destroyed the wolf of Kyouta. luckily Daisuke arrived to save her from her. By Night time, Nana patrols in the Academy, when Kuro decided to play. He takes her pins her on the tree and takes her first kiss.

Chapter 18.0: 18th Betrayal Possession

Haruko stayed in Kyouta's room. He then feels thirsty and an urge for blood. He wants to call mitsuki but at the time he was at his tips he grabs Haruko and drinks her blood. Mitsuki seeing him helps him by erasing Haruko's memories and bite marks. She was able to take away all evidence as possible. Haruko wakes up feeling dizzy. She asks Kyouta if she bit her then he lied. Haruko went to the academy first, then Kyouta and mitsuki together.

Chapter 18.5: 18th Betrayal Possession ii

Kyouta was back in his playboy attitude, he was touching mitsuki's waist. In the academy, he was late in arrival. Haruko feels a dizzy. Yuuka stood up then slaps him then yelled, he was to be given suspension. Kyouta walks out of the room with Mitsuki, he enters the library and rested.
Mistuki all of the sudden ran to the Classroom saying that Haruko should be with her and away from Kyouta. Yuuka knew something was wrong. Daisuke, Yuuka along with the other students ran to the library. Yuuka feels a possession holding Kyouta. Azusa Yuuka and Daisuke fights possessed Kyouta meanwhile Mitsuki finds a way to take Haruko far away. In the library, Nana breaks the window and shoots Kyouta, Mitsuki feels that something was wrong and immediately ran back. Yuuka gets disappointed to Danielle, Alvaro, Daisuke and even Haruko. Mitsuki decides to use the memory method but Haruko wants his memories to remain. Daisuke decides to let an operation be done for him.

Chapter 19: 19th night Date

In the hospital, Kyouta feels aware about the possession. He apologizes to Haruko when he woke up. He then feels the weird feeling of injections/shots. He immediately runs away and jumps to the window, with Haruko. He goes back to the moonlight dorms. He asks Haruko on a date which she accepts. During that date, he tells her the reason why he likes her.


Chapter 20.0: 20.0th night Answer

In the outskirts, Kuro and nana had a date saying that Nana will be Kuro's slave, takayoshi was behind them all along. Meanwhile, Kyouta stayed in Haruko's room. While they were sleeping, Haruko sneak out and talked to Takayoshi who just came back. Kyouta feels a bit jealous after he woke up. Haruko comes back sees Kyouta sleeping. Danielle says a phrase where Haruko got angry. Kyouta stood up and helped Haruko calmed down. Haruko and Kyouta talked revealing to him her answer. Yuuka calls Kyouta about his confession to the council.


Chapter 20.5: 20.5th night Reveal.

Kyouta gets ready outside of the main doors of the council with Haruko to tell everyone that he was really a Kuran. But before the enter Amaya, Haruko mother, shows up at the council to meet with Iwao. When Kyouta was ready the address the council with Daisuke and Yuuka the truth of who they are. The council accepts Kyouta as a Kuran, all except Iwao. After the great reveal, Haruko and Kyouta tells her family that they are in love. Amaya was shock and happy the her child was in love But Iwao would not hear of it. Iwao brings Haruko's brother in, Taro to tell her that if she wants to fight for his seat on the council she would marry Taro. Both Kyouta and Haruk do not want to marry Taro and would fight for it

Chapter 21.0: 21.0th night Full moon

After Daisuke and Kyouta' big truth comes out at he Council of Elders and tell Haruko's family about her relationship with Kyouta, Haruko and Kyouta decide to head back to school while Daisuke takes care of the paperwork for the his and Kyouta name change. While waiting for the car standing out of the rain, Haruko and Kyouta find Mitsuki walking to the council hall and collapses in the rain. Kyouta grabs her and brings Miksuki inside. Haruko cares for her getting her warm and dry. Once Mitsuki was safe Kyouta cares for the scared Haruko. Haruko sits in his arms wondering if what happen to Miksuki was the doing of Shirabuki Camelia. Kyouta was worried about Haruko trying to fight her brother but she end the subject before it began.

Yuuka and Daisuke comes to the room after hearing that Mitsuki was sick. Something happens after the enter the room Mitsuki starts to move and holds a knife to Yuuka yelling in a different voice that Daisuke was not Yuuka's to have. Daisuke and Yuuka work together to stop Mitsuki's body to kill her. Yuuka send Kyouta and Haruko back to the school so they could deal with the problem that had arise.

Chapter 21.5: 21.5th night Full moon

●Kyouta, Haruko returns to the academy
●Kyouta was given the position of Head Dorm but later rejects it
●Haruko gets angry about Kyouta's behavior.
●avoids him
●Haruko avoids him
●Haruko walks out of the classroom and sees mitsuki
●Mitsuki shows her true colors and has a ifight with Haruko
●Haruko punches Mitsuki.
●Yuuka sees the scene and was to be given Haruko suspension, but then Kyouta tells her that it was his fault by using possession.
●Kyouta walks to the dorms. Haruko stayed in Kyouta's room day.

Chapter 22: 22th night Council

●Kyouta goes to the council secretly and talks to Haruko's mother

Chapter 23: 23th night Onee-chan


Chapter 24: 24th night Tests

●Alvaro, Kyouta and Haruko goes back to the Association.
●Kyouta felt alarm of his doing
●Alavaro fights him easy
●Haruko starts to worry

Chapter 25: 25th night Time came back

Soon After the four of them arrived, the prefect, Amelia, shows her first impression on Kyouta Kuran. Haruko lies to the Day class about her father's birthday and went off. Kyouta helps amelia with her hair, then bid good bye. He follows Haruko to the Dorms and then feels alittle bit head ache and decided to take a walk, he stumbles upon the prefect again and had a little chat, Takayoshi who was spying on them was a little bit insecure. The rain started to fell and ALvaro had a mental breakdown, He asks Danielle to take Kyouta back in the dorms. Danielle agrees and looks for him. Danielle find him with Takayoshi and Amelia in the shade. Danielle told him about Alvaro and ran to the dorms immediatly, as Takayoshi and Amelia returns to the Sunlight dorms.

Chapter 26: 26th night Confessions

Taro tries to drink Haruko's blood but luckily, Alvaro and Kyouta saves her. Kyouta collapses and falls down feeling ill. meanwhile, Takayoshi and Amelia talks about each other. Haruko takes care of Kyouta. Kyouta drinks her blood, the hugs her. but then they bother smelled blood coming from the other room. Kyouta stands up still feeling dizzy and looks at the next room. He sees Alice, a noble vampire with her two cubs. He follows him outside. Haruko takes Kyouta inside the room while Yuuka talked to Alice. Haruko sleeps next to Kyouta as his fever goes down.
Taro enters the room but Haruko pushes him out, he confesses to Haruko.

Chapter 27: 27th night TBA

Kyouta asks Alvaro to take Haruko to the Academy first. Kyouta gets a little bit annoyed by the day class yelling his name out. Haruko goes to school with Alvaro. Day class students flocked in the garden because someone told them that Kyouta stays there before class. Amelia and takayoshi avoids any conflict between the night class and day class. Kyouta goes to the garden and sees Amelia stopping the Day class. The students goes back to the classroom leaving the prefect and the night class student behind. During classes Haruko committed a mistake and was sent to detention with Taro


Chapter 28: 28th night TBA

Kyouta goes to class and receives detention. He listens to class with Haruko by his side. When it was recessed time, Haruko and Kyouta went to the other classroom then talked, Kyouta takes Haruko to the garden and sees Amelia. Amelia, who has been coughing and sneezing, looks at them and then had a little chat. Kyouta advises her to take some rest. After break time, Haruko and Kyouta returns the second thing that Kyouta felt was Yuuka's slap. During classes, Kyouta and Alice had a fight about their family.


Chapter 29: 29th night TBA

Alice gets annoyed and left the room. She was being followed by kyouta. Kyouta talks to her then pins her on the wall. Alice all confused, pushes him away, but she couldn't Kyouta then bites her then kisses her. Haruko sees everything from a distance while Taro tells her that Kyouta is not boyfriend material. Kyouta sees Haruko, and pulls her away from Taro. Kyouta takes Haruko to the last floor and they had their talk. Haruko bites Kyouta real hard for punishment.


Chapter 30: 30th night TBA

-alvaro sees and talks to Yuzuki then while he decided to go back to the dorms he encounters mika who lost her necklace.
-Daisuke meets and talks with Iawo-dono about Kyouta being head dorm leader
- Haruko and Kyouta returns to the dorms then


Chapter 31: 31th night TBA


Chapter 32: 32th night TBA


Chapter 33: 33th night TBA


Chapter 34: 34th night TBA


Chapter 35: 35th night TBA


Chapter 36: 36th night TBA


Chapter 37: 37th night Paparazzi


Chapter 38: 38th night Problems


Chapter 39 :39th night Trials

Kyouta and Haruko starts to feel more compassionate to each other after Yuuka confronted them. Yuuka on the other hand feels alittle bit sad about the thought of separating them. Camelia prepares a plan involving Kyouta's memories and HAruko's emotions. She calls Alice for her plan to work, she wanted Alice to agree with her marriage to Kyouta and so she did, with her aunty shiyra supporting her actions and decisions.

-END of VKE 1-
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Chapter 40:40th night; False Lover

Haruko goes out of her room leaving Kyouta alone, and so Camelia took the opportunity to take Kyouta's memories, his head started to bleed. Haruko goes back in seeing Kyouta being with Alice. Camelia tells her to give up while Taro comforts her. Kyouta wakes up and happy to be with Alice's side. Haruko cries and tears up while the party was going on. Kyouta announced to the council of his marriage to Alice. Haruko tears up again, Daisuke decided to help. Haruko and Kyouta, all alone inside the room, felt as if they were still bonded. Kyouta couldn't avoid looking at her lips then kisses her. Haruko does the same then notices that Kyouta still didn't have his memories.
Haruko runs off then stopped by Alice. Alice hurts her then Kyouta asked her not to.

Chapter 41.5: The Adventures of Saki encountering people in Cross!

Saki a new student in cross encounters, Mitsuki, the depressed secretary, Alvaro, the butler, Mitsuru, the plain and smart ass and lastly, Shigeru, the delinquent prefect. Her fist plead was to meet hot, funny and nice men, but instead she encounters these people. After she encounters Mitsuru and Shigeru, the two boys had a sudden interest of her .

Chapter 42: 42th night LustFul Desire

Kyouta follows Haruko in her room, he was too late, HAruko freezes herself and lets her sleep for 3 days. Kyouta felt depression coming, that night Alice takes Kyouta for cake but instead they ended up sleeping together. Camelia talks to Alice while kyouta was asleep. She tells her that, she should have Kyouta's child and give him a child or else he'll leave her. Alice agrees to what Camelia said. When Kyouta wakes up and wanted to take a bath, Alice joins along and ended up doing it in the bathroom. Yuuka, Daisuke, Taro, Amaya and Takayoshi finds aaway to get back kyouta


Chapter 43: 43th night Its not love

Kyouta goes out together with Alice, that time a hunter nearly shot Kyouta and Alice, luckily, Shigeru was there to stop them. Alice's belly ached causing kyouta to panic. Alice said that it wasn't necessary. Kyouta takes Alice back inside. While Shigeru faces the hunter, the hunter hits shigeru's chest then wounded him but he took down the hunter. Shigeru sees mitsuru worried about his condition that time, Saki sees them then Shigeru asks Mitsuru to leave. Saki talks to Shigeru then asks about him, Shigeru answers her questions. She heals him then later on revealed her true form. Shigeru became a little bit insecure of her real form, he asks her to return back, after a while he was a bout to leave he turns thirsty and asks if she could show him her real form again and so she did, then Shigeru drinks her blood.


Chapter 44: 44th night Its Lust

Saki asks if Shigeru care for her but he just laughed at her. She became disappointed and wounded him again, a man kidnaps her then takes her away, shigeru senses her from below then attacks the man. Saki kills the man, Saki gets all mad about Shigeru's acts and asks is he was falling for her, shigeru tells her to observes his actions then tell him what she observed. They went to their separate directions, Saki walks to the academy, Daisuke enters and escorted yuuka then left after a while. Saki becomes bored to class, then shigeru shows up during break time to see her.

Chapter 44: 44th night; Lies

Shigeru talks to her then they kissed, after that, Saki plays with him and traps him on top of a volcano, Shigeru just goes back bored. After that time Camelia sees the interest of Shigeru to Saki, that is why due to boredom she wants to kill Saki. Shigeru unaware of her acts just left. Saki being attacked by Camelia manages to live thanks to the help of Yin. by Camelia's disappearance she asks Shigeru to rape her and so he did but it turned to become a failure when shigeru heard the real reason why Haruka died, he avenged her dead but got killed instead. Yuuka and Saki talked about Camelia asks then out of nowhere they decided to switch bodies. Saki as Yuuka sleeps with Daisuke.

Chapter 45: 45th night; World

Meanwhile, Kyouta wakes from Camelia's spell. Haruko cries and tries to think about ending their relationship, but Kyouta remembers her and tells her about the first time they had their date. Yuuka sentences Alice and Camelia to a week in rehabilitation but both of them escaped. Kyouta asks Haruko about a visit to their manor, Kyouta agrees to tease her on the way to the manor. Haruko agrees and they fled together. Camelia tells Alice about Kyouta being hers again. Alice reveals that she is with child of Kyouta's. Camelia helps her as she transports her to the manor. Kyouta and Haruko arrives at the manor and by night time they slept together. Alice drinks up the potion that Camelia gave to impersonate as HAruko.

Chapter 46: 46th night; Pain

The next day, Haruko and Kyouta was to stay in the beach accompanied by Alvaro, How ever, Kyouta forgot the tag that HAruk gave to him. Kyouta goes back inside house and Camelia traps Alice and Kyouta inside. Alvaro dies protecting HAruko Alice somehow seduces Kyouta, then later on sleeps together. Kyouta's head was blank and being controlled by Camelia when all of the sudden Kyouta punches Alice's abdomen making her bleed. Kyouta in a blood rage got his consciousness back . Kyouta realizes that he may have killed his child and runs off looking for HAruko. HAruko scared of Kyouta killing her, fled away but Kyouta finds her. they decided to break up for the sake of haruko's safety. Haruko agrees then Kyouta disappears. Haruko faints. Kyouta confronts Camelia with Azusa. The moment Camelia shoots Azusa with the bullet of a hunter, Kyouta pushes her away thus hitting his shoulder.

Chapter 47: 47th night; Rido

Later that day, Daisuke and Yuuka takes Kyouta in the Council for treatment, Alice goes in as well to file a case to Kyouta of murder of her child. Kyouta heals the moment Haruko returned to him but his memories erased. Alice gets a doctor and the doctor agrees that the baby is still alive. He treats alice then tells her that the child might have abnormalities. Kyouta remembers though Haruko's blood. They then make up. after some hours Alice was already in labor. Kyouta trembles with Haruko. The doctor helps Alice in labor and bore a son, a heir in the council. The doctor notices the eyes of Rido kuran. She then gives it to Kyouta. Haruko sees the baby then it cried loud. Haruko was in pain because the child hated her. Kyouta suggested that Alice should sleep and so she did.

Chapter 48: 48th night; Marriage

Haruko goes to the court and signed the papers with Kyouta by her side after that, they departed soon enough as they prepare for their other wedding. Kyouta visited his friends in the school but later that night he gets into an accident. Haruko waited in the church but then the council of elders arrived with iwao and a hunter. Haruko then was kidnapped by her own father. meanwhile Kyouta was sent to a hospital and later on ALice goes to him and tells him about Yuji. Kyouta realizes that Yuji consumes about ALice's blood everyday. Daisuke reveals the truth about switching the sign documents of their marriage in court

Chapter 49: 49th night; Forget

HAruko in the dungeons meet a human name ren. She tells her about her worries and her marriage. The level E junichi enters then hurts haruko, he punishes her about being a rebellious daughter to Iwao. meanwhile, Daisuke breaks up with Yuuka and sleeps with Shyira on their way to the hospital. Danielle quits her duty to Daisuke and goes to Kyouta. After a while Kyouta then felt yuji was lonely and wanted to add someone in their family. Alice leaps in joy and sleeps with him. however, after they slept. Kyouta had a call from Haruko wanting him to save her. Kyouta leaved for haruko and left Alice alone. Yuji becomes more mature than before.

Saki returns to the academy then breaks up with Kazuya. Kazuya becomes desprate and wanted to kill Shzu his stalker but Alex suggested to use Shzu, at the end Alex sleeps with Shzu

Chapter 50: 50th night; Life

Kyouta saves Haruko and revives her consciousness Taro and Ren helps them soon afterwards they went to the academy and stayed there for a week. Kyouta not knowing Alice was pregnant gave birth to Hikari and was taken care of Kya. Daisuke still wasnt much pleased with Shyira's acts sleeps with her again Alice fell into Coma while Daisuke appeared to Kyouta telling him he should go back. Mitsuki goes to the dorm and convinces him.
Meanwhile Kazuya goes to the hospital after mitsuki informs him that Katherina, his fiancee was there and soon reunites with her again.

Chapter 51: 51th night; Lies

Kyouta goes back to the hospital and orders taro to stay in the dorms to protect haruko. Kyouta felt pity upon arrving n the hospital. he then argues wwith Yuji. Yuji becomes aware of the situation. Kyouta kisses alice in her sleep with blood. Alice wakes up then tells him she is scared of Yuji. Kazuya and Katherina talks about what had happened. Haruko hears Camelia's words about Kyouta's lies about his love for Haruko that he never really did love her. Haruko tries her best to protect her belief and love of Kyouta.

Chapter 52: 52th night; Return & Death

Kyouta goes back to Haruko after confronting council members afraid of Haruko's death, he runs back to the academy. Haruko goes out of the dorm hearing from other people that Kyouta had return. He meets her infront of the dorms. Kyouta scolds her to return inside but didn't listen instead they ran together until they ended up in a school cottage. Kyouta aware of the surroundings asked Haruko to stay inside. Kyouta goes out of the cottage and look at the surroundings. Haruko hears Kyouta's voice telling her to go out as well. But a hunter was in position the moment the bullet was released Kyouta ran to Haruko's front leaving him shot.

Chapter 53: 53th night; Depressed

Kyouta turns to glitters then gave haruko a key. Haruko finds clues in returning back her dead lover. She simply found herself lonely and depressed. Danielle tried cheering her up. Haruko as sent to the council with Danielle. She becomes stronger infront of her father then found herself inside the deepest part of the Council building where in the coffin of the original body of Kyouta lies.

Chapter 54: 54th Awaken

Kyouta awakens with his memories erased. He becomes stronger and powerful. He claims his position in teh council then quits Cross Academy. He sleeps with Haruko then HAruko trembled in fear. Soon He tells haruko he was just lying and

Chapter 55: 55th Good bye


Chapter 56: 56th Fruit and wolves


Chapter 57: 57th Rose the Wolf


Chapter 58: 58th Council and Forbidden acts


Chapter 59: 59th Touma


Chapter 60: 60th Accidents


Chapter 61: 61th Tormented


Chapter 62: 62th Freed


Chapter 60: 63th Jack

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