It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!- Fan group

  • Excela
    6 days ago
    It should. It kind of ended off with a cliffhanger and opening for another season to me.
  • severticas
    6 days ago
    This should get another season
  • yuujiro
    9 days ago
    This is kind of sad but this anime is so relatable to my life and love all the refrences that it had, i love this anime hope they make a season 2!!!!!!
  • Daringly
    26 days ago
    This anime was so hilarious xD I loved every reference that was ever mentioned <3 it really made me feel like a loser cuz I knew all that lmao x) but yeah, the ending >_> arghh. Whens the ova?
  • billytheboy
    27 days ago
    Finally August! I can almost taste the OVA!
  • x-Cellar_Door-x
    Why thank You for the Welcome.
  • Mastergold
    I've been pretty ok just busy with class and anime lol
  • Excela
    Mastergold! It's been a long time. I haven't been active hehe. How have you been?
  • Mastergold
    lol welcome to the group XD
  • x-Cellar_Door-x
    How could I have missed this Group for so long?! And it was created by One of My favorite People; even better!
  • Excela
    Really? I did not know that! Thanks for the heads up!
  • XxAnimeBunny
    You guys know there will be an OVA in August, right? XD So hyped~
  • kaylatheotaku
    I really enjoyed the latest chapter of the manga. It's so funny!
  • Mastergold
    @TwinReprise That was probably my favorite part of the chapter lol
  • TwinReprise
    I've been reading the manga recently. The scene of Yuu waking up to 24 texts cracked me up. I can relate to Tomoko so well, having Social Anxiety myself.
  • Mastergold
    I don't blame you but I'm pretty sure that you can Caught up in a few hours since the chapters are short
  • Excela
    I actually haven't been reading it. :/ Been so caught up on other anime and stories. Lol.
  • Mastergold
    The manga is been doing pretty well
  • xbaro93x
    I love the manga!!
  • Mastergold
    Of course will will Shawn ^^