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Rules and Guidelines
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1) You can have as many characters as you want; but you have to RP with them all. Furthermore, you can only have up to two characters in an important position.

2) God Modding is forbidden; if you God Mod you will removed from the group, no exceptions.

3) Respect others; don't cause trouble with the other members of the group.

4) Please be active, if you make a character with a position and do not RP you will be removed from that position, unless you have notified me, the Creator, about your absence.

5) Please no one-lines. Write at least a couple sentences. Both first and third person is allowed, whatever you prefer.

6) No killing unless given permission by the creator of the character.

7) Keep it PG-13 for the younger members; if something gets beyond that move it to PM.

8) You character cannot be in two places at once; the only exception to this is if you are posting in the current event.

Character Guidelines

School Guidelines

If there are any questions, PM me, okamihakumei. I have the right to add more rules if I see them be
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