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December Event: Skiing Trip
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"Students gather around"
The Headmaster said as he stopped in front of what looked to be a small Japanese inn surrounded by the snowy mountains. There was also a lake that was not frozen. On the other side of the lake there was a building identical to the one on the side of the lake they were currently standing on.
"This is where we will be staying the duration of the ski trip. Girls will be staying in this building while boys will be staying in the building across the lake. No students will be let out of the inn they assigned to to visit someone of the opposite gender. You are allowed to interact on the ski slopes. I will let the owners explain more to you of the rules of this trip"

From inside the first building came out two people, a boy and a girl, that didn't look much older than most of the students.

"I apologize, our parents went to do some shopping but haven't returned yet."
"Yes, but they have given us the room keys for all the students"
"My name is Yuki, and this is my brother Okori. Our parents are the ones who own the inns here"
"I will inform you of the details of the slopes here. There are many mountains around, and most are open to recreation except for Mount Aurora in the distance because of the extremely harsh terrain. There are handouts in the lobbies of both the boys and girls inn, that ranks the mountains in difficulty. Equipment will be found on the first floor of each of the inns as well."
"I should tell you some of the rules around here. The lights on the slopes will turn off by midnight each night, so make sure you are back here before then. Breakfast is served from 7am to 10am, lunch from 12pm to 2pm, and dinner from 6pm to 9pm. Light snacks are also available throughout the day in the dining rooms of both inns. Each room has two students each, and there is a bathroom in each room"
"Yes, if the boys would follow me, I will show them to their rooms, and the girls should follow Yuki"
The two went to the respective inns they were in charge in, and the groups of students followed whom they were supposed to.

Room Lists

Room 201

Room 202

Room 203

Room 204

Room 501

Room 502

Room 503

Room 504

Room 505

The Forbidden Mountain: Mount Aurora
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Nin looks around the groups of people trying to find someone but didn't succeed. She followed the groups of girls while Yuki leads them to the rooms. Nin was the last one of the group as she likes to look around the Inn a bit more so she's been walking a bit slowly.
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Sousuke and Haruka parted as he went to the boys inn with Okori and Haruka went with Yuki. Sousuke noticed there weren't many guys I guess that's how the inrollment rate is he said to himself as he walked into the room. He was the one of the pair that was given the key even though he was staying with a senior. He went to the room and unlocked the door, it was a good size for only two people.
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Yuki gave her the key to her room. Youri went to her room.
She looked out the window to see what the weather was.
It was warm and sunny, a perfect weather for ski trips. She
can't wait to go skiing.
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