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Gye Baek

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    Amazing Drama, My favorite
    From The Cast to the plot this Drama is Amazing. I never was so intrigued and loyal to any other drama. I think Its a must watch and it deserves 5 stars. I wish It was longer, I enjoyed every minute of it.
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  • Finally something great
    WOW. I was completely in love with this series. So in love, that I compare others to this show. It's not that I have high standards for these types of drama's but I do require them to draw me in and keep me there. Although I do wish the ending was different but its historical.
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  • Loved it! One of the best historical dramas.
    This has got to be one of my favorite historical dramas. I loved the plotlines, acting, cinematography, and soundscore! It's been a while since I watched it, so I can't recall much criticism. I did find it hard to be attached to the adult Eun Go (as opposed to her child version), so perhaps they could have chosen a better actress--not necessarily one you'd root for, but one you'd be really ...
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