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  • 7 out of 10 people found this review helpful:
    Not the same, but still good
    This is the genesis of the .hack// franchise. If you can bear through the choppy, 480p video and the fact it is subbed, unlike the original airing, then you will find a great story with an even better soundtrack.

    Told with a story that related to the beginning of MMORPGs, but with its own twists and turns, the character development is fairly deep as you learn more about the players of ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    An absolute classic that deserves more recognition
    I'll preface this with the fact that SIGN is not action-oriented, there's not a lot of comedy or pretty flashing colors. It relies on its characters and world to pull you in. If you don't like character-driven anime and want something fast-paced, then it's going to frustrate you.
    That said, there's a lot of nostalgia here if you played MMOs in the early 2000s when they relied more on player ...
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  • One of those classics and kinda slow paced
    This is not for the typical person who isnt ready to sit through tons of dialog. But this is one of those shows that when you get near the end it is so worth it. This show started the stuck in a mmorpg genre. It was truly ahead of its time. It is focused on the story and mystery of the story not action. So if you are expecting needless action move along.
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  • It's anything but perfect.
    This was a very slow anime with very little action. The draw in the series is the mystery and lore. It's really a fun trip if you don't mind mostly talking. There is also some interesting lore uncovered in this that explains some things from the .hack games.
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  • Little choppy, but still so good!
    I watched this anime after I played the games for PS2 way back in the day. It is one of my favorite anime, and I'm glad I decided to rewatch it!

    Though now I think I have to dig out the PS2 and replay the games because that is what it makes me want to do.

    Definitely recommend.
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  • It was awesome! Wish I could rewatch it here.
    I remember watching this on TV. I love it! It was slow at times but I loved it and went out of my way to watch as many episodes as I could. I consider this anime a classic. It had some dark themes to it and that's likely what really drew me in. I hope more episodes are added to this website so I can watch the whole series all over again!!
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  • Vintage Animu Maymays
    This series is classic Isekai styled anime, probably one of if not THE very first of its kind. Yes the animation is choppy, yes the quality is low, yes people will prefer dubs over subs (lol), but this is still one of the better adaptations before Isekai ran rampant in the industry. It's inspired multiple OVA's/Games and other media, there really is no reason not to watch this anime if you're a ...
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  • 6 out of 12 people found this review helpful:
    Atmospheric, beautiful soundtrack but paired with almost no action, minimal animation and the slowest pacing I've ever encountered in an anime
    Of any anime series I've watched, .hack//SIGN has by far the slowest pacing. The show features an almost total lack of action and the majority of each episode is made up of slowly panning, static shots of the same repeatedly used backdrops or unanimated, unvoiced closeups of character's faces. The plodding pace of the narrative is partially redeemed by an excellent, atmospheric soundtrack ...
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  • 2 out of 24 people found this review helpful:
    Not worth the time, watch something else.
    No action and the main character is both boring and uninspiring to watch. I got to episode 15 before i finally gave up. The art is meh. The dialogue is just flat and
    not interesting. I would much rather re-watch the other shows like this than further explore this boring anime.

    Suggestions on Crunchyroll: Grimgar, Overlord, Drifters, Konosuba and Log Horizon.
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