Hanamaru Kindergarten

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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    I started watching and the first thing that came to mind is...OMG CUTE! This is an adorable series along with some good humor...however the story...i wish it could have gone a little further. It left me wondering what happens after the show ends. Very funny, very adorable.
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  • 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Hanamaru Kindergarten's Play on Love
    Hanamaru Kindergarten's main character is Tsuchida, a first-year male kindergarten teacher. As a new teacher he is focused on doing his best, and getting a date with the beautiful, but clueless, teacher, Yamamoto-sensei. However, his student, Anzu-chan is determined to make him her husband. Along with her 2 precocious friends and the rest of Sakura class, Anzu-chan starts working hard to win ...
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  • 5 out of 9 people found this review helpful:
    what its all about!!
    well hanamaru kindergarten is about a girl named Anzu and her 2 friends Hiiragi, the pretty and smart girl with blue hair and eyes,and Koume,the sweet and shy short haired brunette. Anzu is in love with her teacher and wants to get married. i recommend this anime because its so cute and you cant even tell that they are in kindergarten (except that they are only a foot tall).
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  • Funny, cute and refreshing
    The girls are so adorable esp the genius one with her different costumes - I really laughed so hard on the episode where she had the shark costume and Tsuchi took her out of the water and she continued to pretend that she was a shark, OMG!

    Storyline is okay, I love the music and the kids' antics. The yamamoto sisters are just too dense for comfort.

    Anyhow, I enjoyed it. Nice.
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  • 2 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    Just couldn't get into this
    It's nicely-animated, the voice work is okay, and the music is refreshing, but there's just no real substance to it. It's not engaging enough to really be iyashi-kei, it's not funny enough to be comedy, and the romantic elements it tries for are woeful. It comes off as awkward and creepy, and even sexist -- in all directions -- at times. The students just seem to be retreads of older student ...
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  • Nothing Should Be This Adorable.
    I am pretty sure there is a law somewhere against things being this adorable. This is quite possibly the most adorable thing to ever exist in the universe. If you are not careful, you will inadvertently compare everything else in the world to this show, and you will permanently lose your ability to find anything else cute ever again. Viewer beware: Death from cuteness overload highly probable.
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  • Such a good series, I definitely recommend it!
    So just going to put this out on the table right away. This is easily one of my favorite anime of all time, like top 3 favorite. Now that that is over the only problem i have with it is Yamamoto-sensei, don't get me wrong I love her, but you'll see why I hate her at the same time in the last few episodes.
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  • Usuniki's Review: "Very kawaii, fun and makes you want to have kids"
    My personal Rating: 7/10

    This anime is really cute and fun to watch. The cuteness is bombarded with comments that may make you spit out your drink in either laughter or sheer disbelief, but either way, they managed to make you wish for a daughter or a son that looks as cute as kindergarteners appear to be in Hanamaru Kindergarten. Other then the characters, they made the actual Kindergarten ...
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  • An Absolutely Cute Anime
    I seriously just love this show for the little cute characters. I'm usually not into this kinda anime, but i got really attached to the characters (especially Hii-chan), and the plot is so fun to follow! The comedy is fantastic, and it's thrown in at the best times. It's not just the life of following these little kids, but also follows the life of a guy who has to teach and deal with them, as ...
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