Hayate the Combat Butler! (Season 1 & 2)

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  • No anime can beat this masterpiece
    As you just thought, no limits were found in comedy/romance/action animes. This Anime knock out, all future animation. Animes of this stanard are hardly found every 10th year. last time I saw some thing as good were when Chobits were released in 2002. since i can't compare this to a long anime like: Naruto, Pokémon and more, I'll say it this way. i'd personally rather watch 77 episodes of this ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    A butler's misfortune is our laugh.
    This show is one of those great shows where you just sit back unwind and watch as the story unfolds. A lot of these episodes are in short bursts (often side stories); they’re great to watch in sequence or simply to come back to when you need a good laugh. This show follows our super unlucky butler Hayate, who finds that his parents have left him with a mound of debt to some rather shady ...
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  • Very Good Anime indeed!
    I love this series because it has a great soundtrack, animation style, story/stories, and an excellent cast of characters with very unique, defining personalities! Fans of the manga will be satisfied with early season one and all of season two. Hayate the Combat Butler/Hayate no Gotoku is an anime that deserves to be up there among the legends.
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  • 5 outragouse blatant adverts out of 5
    This show was an interesting mix of parody, originality, comedy, romance, and action with a fateful twist in odd character developments. The first two seasons are far and beyond better than the followups and the movie, but in reality if you don't bust a gut in the first two episodes then stop it will not change. This show is so very random with so many pop-culture and hilariously placed references ...
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