Hayate the Combat Butler!

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    Want anything more than animated side stories from the manga? Look elsewhere.
    Before I go into details, this series is not one that can stand alone I feel, if you havn’t watched any other hayate series, or read the manga then nothing I say here about my opinions really matters.
    Save yourself the effort and give the series a miss in that case as nothing will really make sence.

    For everyone else, or people who are reading this anyway however, Hayate no Gotoku: Cuties is ...
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  • Truly promising spin off!
    The great anime series comes back but not as a continuation to the original series; instead it is more like ova episodes about the characters on the second season, and more about the mystery of Nagi's heirloom watch in the first season. This is truly a funny series if anyone has ever watched the original and this spin off is just as funny with better polish of character design.
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  • Overall Great Show!!
    I have seen season 1 and season 2 before this, and i must say if i don't find out who he goes with I will probably end up going crazy. Its a great show i would recommend it to anyone! I hope they continue with the series i would love to see more!! PLEASE MAKE MORE FOR ME AND OTHER FANS!!
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