Account Help

Last updated: 8/1/2010
  1. Can I change my User Name?

    Due to the complications it can cause, it's not possible to directly change your User Name, sorry! If you really want a new User Name, you would need to delete your current account and create a new one.
  2. Can I deactivate/delete my account?

    Yes. You may delete your account by clicking here and filling out the form.
  3. How do I verify my account?

    In order to verify your e-mail account, please follow the instructions below:
    • Go to your "Settings" page.
    • Make sure your Email Address is typed in properly.
    • If your Email Address isn't correct, do the following:
      • Enter the proper Email Address.
      • Type your password in the "Current Password" field.
      • Click the "Save Changes" button.
    • Click the "Resend Verification Email" button.
    • Login to your email account and locate the verification message.
    • If you do not see the e-mail from Crunchyroll then please check either your Spam or Junk Mail folder in the event it was flagged improperly.
    • Open up the verification email and click the link that should appear in the email.
    • Your account will now be verified and should be listed as "Verified" on your "Settings" page.
    If you receive an error message that says the email address is already in use, you'll need to either delete the other account(s), change the email addresses that are listed on those accounts or use a different email address for your current account. In the event that you are still unable to verify the account after completing these instructions, please contact us so that we can manually verify it for you.
  4. What do I do if a user is harassing me?

    • If they are bothering you through Private Messages or in a Chatroom, you should block the user or try to ignore them.
    • If they keep making new accounts to bother you or are bothering you in the main forum sections, you'll need to contact a moderator for help.
  5. How do I block a user from sending me messages?

    You may block a user from sending you Private Messages to your inbox by adding their username to your Private Message Settings - Block List.
  6. I buddied a user and I don't show up on their friend list but they show up on mine, what happened?

    Sometimes an error like this occurs and the only way to rectify it is to un-buddy the user and then re-buddy them.
  7. It says I have a new message in my inbox when I don't, how do I fix this?

    This error seems to occur when a user receives a lot of messages in their Inbox and/or when deleting a lot of messages. In order to have this fixed, you'll need to contact us and we'll fix it for you if we have time.
  8. What happens if I put my Inbox on vacation and how do I do it?

    Putting your inbox on vacation prevents all users (except for moderators) from messaging you. When a user attempts to message you, they will receive a message saying that you are on vacation as well as a custom message that you typed. To enable this, you'll need to go to your Private Message Settings page.
  9. Why can't I post anywhere in the main forum sections?

    In order to post on the forum, you need to verify your email address.
  10. What do I need to know before I post on the main forum?

    Before posting in the Main Forum sections, be sure to read and understand our Site/Forum Rules.
  11. Why can't I create a new forum topic?

    In order to create a new forum topic, you need to have at least 500 CR Points. This restriction was placed to help prevent people from creating unnecessary threads that clutter the forum. So please use the Forum Search feature and post in pre-existing threads until you have gained at least 500 CR Points and understand the Site/Forum Rules.
  12. Can I make my photo album(s) private?

    Yes, you may change your privacy settings for each individual photo album by doing the following:
    • Go to your Photos page
    • Locate the Album that you wish to edit the settings for, and click the Edit Album link to the right of the entry
    • Click the Edit link in the control bar
    • From the Privacy drop-down box, select the proper setting and click "Save"
  13. Can I sync my Facebook and/or Twitter accout with my Crunchyroll account?

    To add your Facebook account:
    • Go to the Facebook and Twitter Page on Crunchyroll.
    • Click the "Link Facebook account" button.
    • On the resulting page, log in to your Facebook account.
    • Click the "Allow" button.

    To add your Twitter account:
    • Log in to your Twitter account.
    • Go to the Facebook and Twitter Page on Crunchyroll.
    • Click the "here" link under Twitter.
    • Click the "Allow" button.
  14. How do I remove my Facebook and/or Twitter account from my Crunchyroll account?

    To remove access to your Facebook account:
    To remove access to your Twitter account:
  15. How do I get badges?

    Badges are usually given out during special promotions which are announced on the homepage. These promotions are usually only available for a limited time so many are no longer be available at this time.
  16. What are Achievements and how do I get them?

    Achievements are special rewards you can get each month by using certain features of the site. For example, there's the "You complete me" achievement that you get just by editing your profile.
  17. My picture, comment or post was deleted, why?

    Basically anything can be deleted by a moderator if it's deemed to be against the Site/Forum Rules. Though, it's also possible that someone accessed your account and deleted it or you accidentally deleted it by yourself.
  18. What are moderators?

    Moderators or Mods are users that were chosen to help manage the site. They mainly deal with user interactions to ensure that everyone plays along nicely.
  19. Can I be a moderator?

    You are welcome to apply to be a moderator if and when we post an application thread in the Site News section.
  20. How do I get a star next to my username?

    To have a star show up next to your username, you would need to start a Premium Membership subscription. If you are a Premium Member already, you can change the color of the star from your Premium Member Star page.
  21. How do I put a banner and background image/color on my page?

    You can add these by going to the Profile Skin page but, to use this feature, you need to be a Premium Member.
  22. How do I embed a poll on my profile, group, page, etc.?

    First you need to create the poll by going to the New Poll page and inputting the proper information. Then you'll need to go to the page that lists your polls. You can do this by following the link below and replacing "USERNAME" with your own username.

    Finally it's just a matter of copying the BB Code for the poll and pasting it where you want the poll to show up.
  23. How do I embed pictures on my profile, group, page, etc.?

    The easiest way to embed pictures on Crunchyroll is to use the "Image Upload" box which is displayed over most text input boxes. Using this feature, you can instantly upload images from your hard drive and have them directly embedded into your entry.
  24. I see people breaking the rules, is there anything I can do about it?

    Almost every user generated page has a "Report" button which you can use to report people for breaking the rules. We encourage this to be done since it can be hard for our moderators to oversee the actions of millions of users.
  25. What should I know before submitting changes to library/series pages?

    The basics are covered in the Crunchyroll Library F.A.Q. so please read it. If you have further questions, you may want to ask one of the Library Moderators about it.