Last updated: 3/27/2014
  1. What is KDrama.com?

    KDrama.com is a new service created by the same team that brought you Crunchyroll. Since Korean drama is such a huge genre, we decided it needs its own space to shine. KDrama has the largest collection of simulcast Korean content, all available with professionally translated subtitles.
  2. I am a Crunchyroll All Access member, how does KDrama affect me?

    Don't worry! Your All Access membership includes premium access to KDrama through the end of the year. All you need to do to claim your membership is click here (note: you will not be charged at any time)
  3. I am a Crunchyroll premium member, how does KDrama affect me?

    If you are currently a Crunchyroll anime, manga, or drama premium member, we are offering a special, limited-time offer of 90 days of premium membership to KDrama. All you need to do to claim your free trial is click here
  4. I am considering joining Crunchyroll, how does KDrama affect me?

    KDrama will have no effect on your new account, but if you are interested in experiencing more Korean content, head over to www.KDrama.com and try it out! Additionally, if you sign up for a premium Crunchyroll membership you will be eligibile for a special, extended trial of KDrama premium.
  5. Can I sign into KDrama with my existing Crunchyroll account?

    As a part of the Crunchyroll community, you can link your accounts by visiting here
  6. Can I sign into Crunchyroll with my existing KDrama account?

    Unfortunately you cannot at this time. If you have further questions, please email us at Support (support@crunchyroll.com) and we will do our best to help you.
  7. How can I join KDrama?

    Just click here
  8. What if I have questions about KDrama?

    Please contact KDrama’s Support (support@KDrama.com) and they will answer any additional questions.