Video Player

Get better acquainted with our Video Player; Last Updated: January 12th, 2012
Pictured above is the video's screenshot which you should see flash on the screen for a quick second to signify that the video player has started loading.

The loading animation is pretty straight forward. It signifies that the video player is currently loading and when the animation stops, the full video player controls should appear.

Here's what the video player looks like in action.

Video Player Functions

These buttons are used to change the video quality. The qualities are listed from left to right in order of lowest to highest quality. You may also select a Default Video Quality from your Video Preferences page which forces the video to automatically load in the selected quality, if available. The 720p and 1080p quality options are not pictured since they are not available for the video we took screenshots of.

Clicking this button, or anywhere on the video, causes the video to Play/Pause.

Click this button to skip to the next episode.

This bar is used to see your progress through the video as well as to skip back and forth through the video. Hovering over the bar displays the timestamp for that point in the video which makes it easier to skip around.

This tells you the exact timestamp of the position you currently are in the video as well as the total length of the video.

Clicking this button enables/disables the Autoplay feature. When enabled, the next episode will automatically play after the current episode ends.
Orange == Enabled (pictured above)
White == Disabled

Click to enter or exit fullscreen mode.

Click the left side of the button to mute/unmute the audio and use the right side to fine tune the volume level.

This context menu can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the video player.
  1. See more at This is mainly just there for sites that embed our videos but it links to our homepage.
  2. Fullscreen: Enables/Disables Fullscreen mode.
  3. Subtitle Smoothing: Generally it's recommended to keep this disabled since it requires a lot of CPU power to use but it can be useful when watching SD quality videos in fullscreen mode.
  4. Video Smoothing: Under most circumstances, we recommend that Video Smoothing remains enabled to enhance the video playback.
  5. No Subtitles: If you don't need or want subtitles to show up, you should click this option. Though naturally this will only disable soft subtitles and not disable hard subtitles.
  6. [#] LANGUAGE: Between the option for "No Subtitles" and "Settings..." there is a list of all the subtitle tracks that are available for the video. Clicking these options will instantly change what subtitle is displayed over the video without having to reload the video/page.

Keyboard Shortcuts

- -
Left ArrowRewind
Right ArrowFast Forward
[Go back to the beginning of the video
]Go to the end of the video
SEnable/Disable Video Smoothing
DDisplay Timestamp as either mm:ss or mm:ss.SSS
FEnter Fullscreen Mode
ESCExit Fullscreen Mode