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  • 18 out of 21 people found this review helpful:
    Infinite Stratos For A Change
    Hi everyone! I recently chanced upon some troll reviews on the final episode of Infinite Stratos and to my utmost astonishment, the vast majority of posts were absolutely negative and offered blatantly scathing replies regarding the termination of another season of Infinite Stratos. As an avid supporter of anime and artists of all genres, such comments regarding the twelve hard-won episodes ...
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  • 12 out of 15 people found this review helpful:
    Great Start To The Season!
    If you haven't seen Infinite Stratos season 1, stop reading this review and go watch it. It's incredibly good and you shouldn't jump aboard for season 2 without watching it. Now, as for season 2 I think it delivers all that season 1 did and more. The characters are hilarious and the fight scenes we see look great. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season!
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  • 21 out of 27 people found this review helpful:
    Identify the genre correctly before you criticize
    For people putting comments such as, "Not focused on the story", it's because they recognize this as an 'action' anime. Although there are action scenes in this anime, that's not the main thing. The main genre of Infinite Stratos is harem. Action is secondary. This is a story of a guy who is the only guy in his school, NOT some kind of a legendary hero who's going to save the world. The main point ...
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  • 26 out of 29 people found this review helpful:
    Season 2 shows promise!
    For those who didn't get enough first season, be warned this season will most likely do the same. Those of you who have not yet seen Season 1, be sure to watch it first, it will give you much intel.

    Harem genres are rapidly depleting all over the world, but I.S. is bringing it back bigger, better and more haremy. What could possibly be better than 1 guy with a house full of girls? How about 1 ...
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  • Great show continues
    Really glad this show got a second season. really good development from the first season without getting repetitive or boring like some harems can. personally i think this show does a very good job of adding the action to a harem anime, unlike most which just kindof throw in the action at random towards the end of the episode. very well balanced show.
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Dimwit's are boring and so is this!
    I did not see the first one IS 1.

    This is another harem anime. An extremely dim-witted teenager called Ichika is dropped into an all girls school where the students learn to pilot some sort of spontaneously materialising/dematerialising suits called IS. Like magic mechas. The boy starved girls of the school flock around Ichika and then various infantile semi-romantic things happen for no ...
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  • Funny, Interesting, Action filled
    Funny, Interesting, and Action filled anime. I really enjoyed this anime as I watched it. There were many times that I laughed, which is great! Other times I was shaking my head "How can you be so stupid". Over all I enjoyed this from beginning to end and I want more! The characters though some are better developed than others are all like able. The story line flows smoothing and doesn't leave a ...
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  • a good anime I've ever seen
    I want to write 4 stars for IS. But IS's rating is too low for that.

    I like IS maybe because of I've never seen anime about robot before (ex. Accel World)
    And. I like anime about love too. All anime I've ever seen have a love story (ex. 07-Ghost)
    All I hate about IS is the enemy. Why? Because if robot vs robot, it feels like usual battle.
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  • Infinite Stratos 2 Review.
    Infinite Stratos 2 is the second season of Infinite Stratos (obviously), Based on Ichika Orimura in a all girls boarding school, teaching students worldwide how to use the IS, and to be honest, this season was kind of a disappointment for me. The second season didn't really focus much on the combat as the first season did, This season more focuses on the relationship with the girls. I strongly ...
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  • 0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    More isn’t necessarily better!
    Infinite Stratos will probably have quite a few different opinions, being a harem/action though it did take me some time to get through this second season, as it felt a little repetitious, but my overall feeling was that I liked it.
    Another season of IS reaffirms several things for me: Ishika is as dense as Iridium - which can be both fun or infuriating, Harems are alive; the admires are ...
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