Infinite Stratos

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  • Solid action/comedy anime
    IS takes a very comedy/slice of life, first approach, its main point of each and every episode is its strong harem theme. While I wouldnt say that IS brought anything new to the genre it certainly didnt leave much out of an atypical SOL/comedy/harem style anime. Overall nothing new but worth a view if youve any love of action/comedy genres with harem themes.
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    This anime can sometimes be good
    You may think this review is a little harsh, but I'm going to lay it out plain and simple. The main character us a complete pushover, and has no backbone at all. It has a unique yet in some way an original story line. A new character is introduced almost in almost episode in season 1, and has little character development, but that is expected because of all the new characters that make their ...
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  • My first review!~ Yay
    I love this series a lot. It is cute and has a lot of good fighting scenes in it. The characters are cute and the main hero is not too shabby. I wish they will have a season 3 though.

    But anyways, if you want an anime that you can just sit back relax and enjoy, then I suggest this anime. It has harem into it but its not too bad considering all the female are cute on their own right.
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  • Loved the first one and love this one!
    This show has been one of my all time favorites, though i wish that they could put the first season on crunchy roll too. Most of the conflict in the series is between the main cast over who gets Ichika. The main cast includes Houki, Cecilia, Huang "Rin", Laura Bodewig , and... Charles (it makes sense in context, its a lady). The characters are pretty well developed for the short time we've gotten ...
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  • 2 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    An army of sociopathic murderers pursue one mentally challenged bachelor
    This anime is yet another harem with the basic cast of female tropes. It's actually painful at times the degree of under-aged fan-service and the pure stupidity of the main guy. It would all be terrible except for one thing...

    Every woman is completely and utterly insane.

    Each episode they'll try to murder him in various ways for one reason or another, usually out of misplaced love. ...
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  • Better Adversaries, Same IS Greatness
    I'm a huge fan of Infinite Stratos Season One. The characters are humorous and engaging, and unlike many of the wimpy male protagonists that afflict harem comedies, Ichika is a decent guy that actually has a backbone. My one complaint about the first season was the lack of believable adversaries. For an anime that claims to blend the harem comedy and mech combat genres, the mechs they had to ...
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  • Great show continues
    Really glad this show got a second season. really good development from the first season without getting repetitive or boring like some harems can. personally i think this show does a very good job of adding the action to a harem anime, unlike most which just kindof throw in the action at random towards the end of the episode. very well balanced show.
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  • Funny, Interesting, Action filled
    Funny, Interesting, and Action filled anime. I really enjoyed this anime as I watched it. There were many times that I laughed, which is great! Other times I was shaking my head "How can you be so stupid". Over all I enjoyed this from beginning to end and I want more! The characters though some are better developed than others are all like able. The story line flows smoothing and doesn't leave a ...
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  • a good anime I've ever seen
    I want to write 4 stars for IS. But IS's rating is too low for that.

    I like IS maybe because of I've never seen anime about robot before (ex. Accel World)
    And. I like anime about love too. All anime I've ever seen have a love story (ex. 07-Ghost)
    All I hate about IS is the enemy. Why? Because if robot vs robot, it feels like usual battle.
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  • Infinite Stratos 2 Review.
    Infinite Stratos 2 is the second season of Infinite Stratos (obviously), Based on Ichika Orimura in a all girls boarding school, teaching students worldwide how to use the IS, and to be honest, this season was kind of a disappointment for me. The second season didn't really focus much on the combat as the first season did, This season more focuses on the relationship with the girls. I strongly ...
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