Ishida & Asakura

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  • Bizarrice de boa qualidade.
    Esse anime é bizarrice pura. Eu assisto e me pergunto: como? Como eles tem coragem de fazer um desenho desses? Como eles tem coragem de passar isso na TV? É simplesmente sensacional! Vale a pena assistir. Humor que lembra muito um anime relativamente famoso chamado "Detroit Metal City", tão bizarro quanto.
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  • A glorious short to be watched
    This series is rather short, to short. The speed of the humor and the story is too amazing to fit in 2 minutes.
    If you like dumb, stupid, nonsensical anime, you'll really enjoy this.

    Only downside is that the opening takes up 1/4th of the show's time. Good song though!
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  • 2 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    What did i just watch...
    So i watched this entire series... and i feel that part of my brain just died... other then that though it was somewhat amusing... but still i wish i had not seen this in the first place. Although, after looking back on it some weeks later i think back fondly on this as it was very funny and i don't know if i could forget about this show if i wanted to xD
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  • What the hell was... that?
    A series of short subjects involving some kind of unrequited Boys' Love, a broccoli-haired hero, and a buck-toothed "villain." Oh, and the hero has the oddest speech impediment where he waits one or two beats before saying the last syllable of an utterance. While I think this was supposed to be one of the funnier gimmicks of the series, it doesn't translate well.

    You'll either love or hate this ...
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