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Inagawa Junji no Shinjitsu no Horror

Peony Lamp
A Japanese maverick samurai, Shinzaburo, receives a surprise night-time visit of his former lover, Otsuyu, who is supposed to have died of a disease. She says the story about her death is a ploy made up by her father to break the couple. They spend the night together, but Shinzaburo's colleague cannot believe his eyes when he sees Shinzaburo is holding in his arms.

Schoolgirls Mima and Rika saw a poster in a tunnel that warns, "If you see a woman with a teddy-bear doll you should run for your life." Mami feels something disturbing, but Rika dismisses it as just another hoax.

Magazine writers are sent out to an outback village to report on anecdote of old mountain hag. They get suspicious as every villager appears to be trying to hide something. They get the answer as a local bonze tells an age-old story.

A boy happens to see a specter known as "Nurarihyon" sneaking into his house to cause mischief. The boy tries to be good to the specter, but only gets the cold shoulder. But, at one night, when he is almost attacked by burglars, he learns good intentions are to pay off.

Heartbroken Trip
After Chiharu's boyfriend walks out on her, the kind-hearted Yoshiko plans to cheer her up on a trip to a hot springs resort. Arriving at the inn ahead of Yoshiko, Chiharu couldn't possibly know what awaits.

Lost Souls
A couple is enjoying late night snacks at a lake-side restaurant after a day's drive. Things are just fine until a family of four comes inside. The cook tells the couple never to look at the family because...

Peony Lamp
Nanako Okochi

Ayako Omura
Asuka Suzuki

Michie Hirai
Hiroya Yoshioka
Akira Kurizuka

Yoshioka Zushi

(c) 2002-2003 KADOKAWA HORROR CINEMA SERIES Film Partners