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Kamigami no Asobi

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  • A Good Anime For Everyone.
    This one is the first i choose in Crunchyroll,and it was good.The story is easy to fellow,a couple of gods need to learn about the world we live in and for that,Zeus call Yui,a human girl,to teach them in a school he create in his garden,where they are all trap.They need to understand the human and believe in them within a year or they will stay trap in Zeus garden forever.Without there powers has ...
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  • This show was AWESOME! <3
    Okay, so I really, really liked the show! Very entertaining and left off with an ending that left you satisfied, yet wanting more, perfect! As someone who like ancient myths, this was a very interesting take on the gods. I highly recommend this to any one who likes comedy mixed with a little bit of a love story and fantasy! Just my cup of tea!
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  • Two Day's (I've never finished an anime so quick)
    If you're looking for a romance with a handful of Greek Gods and one girl than look no further. This is the anime for you. I absolutely adore romance anime like this and I was not dissapointed.

    In fact, I feel sort of ashamed that I had watched the first episode a few months prior to 6/24/15 and had not watched the complete series since, but now that I have I realized pausing was a big ...
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    you need to watch it, I wish that there is another season and more to come. for all of you that is thinking of not watching this then you are making a terrible mistake, it is full of mysterious and funny things. I have never written a review but I had to write cause I loved it.

    WARNING: you might love it so much that it becomes dangerous, I watched the entire anime two times (don't judge me)
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  • Much better than I thought it would be!!!
    So, let me start off by saying when I started watching this my expectations were quite low, especially since this is a harem anime. The first few episodes were nice, but nothing spectacular, but thankfully, this anime gets better with each episode. Moving it past a harem with delicious eye candy, into something much more interesting. Because it actually has a plot, not a huge one, but enough that ...
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  • Wine, Bishies, and a Main Protagonist That Won't Make Your Eyes Bleed!
    Where to start? I watched this anime on a friend's reccomendation, and I'm glad I did. The show definitely fits into your classic otome/reverse-harem genre, and follows all those major cliches. There's the beach episode, the drowning scene, the play, everything stereotypical. At first it seems serious, but the farther into it you get, the more humor is put in and the more the characters really ...
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  • I broke my glass cups
    I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the ending was so good it made me cry in sadness and delight. I swear the way I screamed when I waited for the final seconds to end on the last episode I shattered a few dishes. From the god forms, to the display of love and friendship that developed from tense first impressions, this story deserves a 5/5 rating. Though I can't help having an after taste for a ...
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  • The inside on my thoughts, Kamigami no Asobi edition. (weird title, ik.)
    Although this may be one of the best series I've seen, the point of Yui being there as a teaching tool/representation of humanity seems to be an open hole in the plot since that is barely referenced and the story would be much better if she was a god but does not know/understand that she is. With that, this anime is an amazing and well thought out series with both conflict, romance, and comedy.
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  • One of the best I've ever seen!
    Between strong, well developed characters and constant (yet pathetic) love interests, this is easily one of my top 10 favorite animes. There's no shortage of laughs, and it surely will put a smile on your face or make you blush at least once an episode. It feels so real and hits so close to home, even though it is in such a different universe. I really wish there was a season 2 to be on it's way, ...
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Not Horrible...But...
    I was suggested Kamigami no Asobi by a friend, and I wanted to give it a chance because it had things I like in a story from the supernatural and mythology, to questioning the human condition. But as I watched it, despite the beautiful art, I had to force myself along the first episodes. As each of the gods is introduced, FLOWER boarderings bloomed around them, they are forced by Zues to "learn" ...
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