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Kim Soo Ro

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    I would say the name matched the story line after all it's all about him.
    the body of the story as a hole was very good and can't find anything wrong all was right in my eyes. I would had love to seen the children of kim soo ro. plus hsi step brother life as well with his wife as well as his so call freind who is on the other sider, for me there are some any answer question left in the story.
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  • my review for Kim Soo Ro
    I will give it a 5 out of 5.
    Loved the music, the story, the acting, the costumes,as the story moved in there where some stuff I did not expect to happen it kept me interested therefore I loved the drama I t has some minor stuff here and there but over all 5/5 loved it
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  • Good Drama watch for yourself..
    I enjoyed it, you come to hate and love each char. not much over acting other than the mother. Watch a few and see.

    Plus Ji Hye Seo is a goddess!. Like most Drama's the end is always so fast from this to City Hunter etc.

    4 out 5 stars
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    Watch only if you have nothing else to watch.
    This drama is really predictable. There is a lot of overacting and action scenes look to fake. I have to admit this show does have a beautiful actress Seo Ji Hye she did pretty good job. The music is easily forgotten. The characters really doesnt draw you in, they picked the wrong person for Kim Soo Ro. I do have to say this the last 3 episodes was really good it actually made me want more then it ...
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