La corda d’oro -Blue Sky-

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  • Two stars for what it could be
    No. Nope. No.

    Are there magic and fairies like the first La Cordo d'oro? No. Any real conflict the heroine must face and over come during the course of the show? Nope. Is the music as good as in the original? Yes, because apparently recording beautiful music was supposed to distract you from the fact this anime doesn't have a good plot. Is this worth watching unless you're into reverse harem ...
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  • I didn't enjoyed, and do not recommed
    The music is good.The story is not well developed, the main character(Kohinata) lacks of self confidence, relies in the characters and is not interesting or enjoyable.My expectations were lowered after episode 5.There was a little bit of romance and comedy also.
    I am really disappointed with this anime, I was expecting something interesting as La corda d'oro primer passo & Segundo passo
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  • Better characters than the first season
    I loved the fact that instead of individuals, it was ensembles competing against each other. Also, all of the characters are pretty cool, not to mention good-looking. And Kanade seems pretty real to me - someone who used to like performing but then gave it up and became lackluster. I don't know why so many people dislike this one. I really like the previous La Corda d'Oro but I don't like this one ...
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  • Pretty good, of course not as good as the Original
    This anime is really good, but it wasn't what I expected when they said a new season... I expecting maybe more of the original, and yet, my dreams were crushed. There were a couple of episodes a few of the older characters showed up. However, I think the heroin and her little friend are just a bit much. I think she's pretty good, but is still that "weak" kind of character that doesn't react like ...
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  • Don't even bother watching
    I remember watching the original La corda d'oro and loving it years ago! I was so excited about this new version! But unfortunately my expectations were not met. I didn't even get past the fourth episode. The protagonist was the type that I fundamentally do not enjoy - a boring cliche character that somehow gets the attention of all the boys. HOW?!!!!

    Yeah I don't recommend.
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  • Decent, but could have been more
    I actually watched this series before going back and watching the original (La Corda d' Oro) as I was hoping I'd missed some form of back story and that the two were connected together.

    While this was a really nice change from so many of the other anime I've watched, and I enjoyed hearing classical music in an anime, I felt it fell a bit short.

    While the story line focus on the female lead, ...
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  • Not the same feeling
    I for sure can say that the first La corda d'oro was more interesting because they had a good plot to the story and all the characters got along with each other with help from Hina which made all of them realize how good they were and got them away from their trouble!! This one blew me for a loop especially when the two protagonist were just moved to this school without their knowledge and made ...
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  • wai u do dis to me;_;
    seriously. I LOVED La Corda d' Oro, so I was hyped as hell for this anime. Gawd. I will be honest, you will be so disappointed. The plot was alright, but there was literally no character development in terms of relationships. I cri. Evry night. ;_; But the boys were so hot, I literally busted an ovary. So for fangirls this anime is a must. Lucky for the creators I'm stupid enough to rate it based ...
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  • 0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    This is NOT a sequel, but it is a SPIN - Off... of course things are going to be different with just a few similarities. The similarities are basically the MC is female surrounded by a bunch of guys with the core theme being musical and personal growth for the MC. The music is absolutely wonderful just like in the original La Corda d'Oro. Blue Skies focus more on musical growth and the competition than the original did and a little less ...
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