Laughing Under the Clouds

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  • 9 out of 10 people found this review helpful:
    Enjoyable through and through
    Rarely do you see an anime that manages to find the perfect blend between action and heartwarming moments all while maintaining a steady pacing.

    Character development takes leaps and bounds in every episode, with enough foreshadowing to incite binge-watching behavior from it's audience

    Can't imagine giving this show any less than 5 stars
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    one of the better ones ive seen in a long time
    this story has a slow but love-able start. when they start to introduce the "evil" of the story is where mystery, suspense and the heartache comes. the ending is fun to watch, even though i wish it was just a little longer.

    its been a long time since i got so into a story like this.

    over all i loved it
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    Like any good anime's, I wish there could've been more episodes. Probably one of the few I have enjoyed. "Laughing Under the Clouds" a very nice touch of the Orochi Legend. Character's a bit overpowered? I guess you can say that but they're really awesome too!
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  • One of the best animes I've ever seen
    This has been my favorite anime for about 2 years, going on 3. It has such lovable characters and it even got me to cry a little bit. Super memorable anime and if there was available merchandise for it I would undoubtedly buy it.

    Also if you're as into this anime as I as am you should check out the manga for it and maybe some of the mangaka's other works.
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  • A short but fun story!
    Sometimes I just feel like a quick, uncomplicated anime to pass an afternoon and this fits the bill! The story was pretty straight forward and despite only twelve episodes I think it did a great job of developing most of the characters just enough for me to care for them. I especially love the relationship between the three brothers and I wish there were more stories to tell about them. This was ...
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  • 0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Feels mediocre at times but beautiful
    I have mixed feelings about this anime but in the end I have to admit it was really wonderful. The plot, characters, etc all feel like they could have been a mix-match from other animes but this show manages to make it feel different enough to be enjoyable.

    I wasn't particularly happy with the character development. The brothers seem to change a bit half way through and then revert back in ...
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