Name: 2PM
Country of Origin: Korea (South)
Rapper: Chansung
Rapper: Taecyeon
Vocalist: Junho
Vocalist: Junsu Kim
Vocalist: Nichkhun
Vocalist: Wooyoung
Type: Collective
Page Views: 67990
Fans: 1238
Forum Posts: 225
Wall Posts: 245
Photos Uploaded: 404


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2PM really IS the HOTTEST!

The first time I knew 2PM was when I saw them in the TV having their concert. Immediately, I fell in love with their leader Park Kae Beom because of his heartwarming approach to the fans. Even though he has left the group, he still
remains in our hearts, and we will forever be hoping that he will come back to make 2PM whole again.
Although he has left, the 2PM members still consider him as their leader and as a part of who 2PM
has become. What I really like about 2PM is their live performances. It is very energetic. Full of spirit
and of power. You can see in their undisclosed practice clips how hard they practice, and even though they are already tired, they still manage to have fun. 2PM really made it big after they released their single 'Again and Again'. It was a great song with a perfect music video. 2PM for me, is really an ideal group since they have lots of commercials like Coca-Cola, Samsung Corby, SPRIS, and the Paris Baguette. They also do many charity works like giving out free hugs on the street. After 'Heartbeat' people loved 2PM even more. It showed a new side of 2PM which they haven't seen before.