ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat
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ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat

Archaic Sealed Heat

It's said that people who are burnt by the ancient flame, sealed away long ago, turn to ash and are then revived. However, while the body changes to ash, the person's heart and memories remain.

Created by Final Fantasy father Hironobu Sakaguchi, ASH is about an ancient flame that was sealed away long ago. The game focuses on Queen Aisha, who is on a quest to understand the flame because her people who were burnt by the flame are in the process of being revived. Along the way, she'll meet up with people who've traveled back in time from the future, come into contact with a mystery that's been buried beneath the earth since ancient times, and become entangled in other mysterious affairs. During the tactical RPG battles, the game seems to use the top screen to show an overhead view of the entire field of play with the bottom screen showing a behind-the-back view of your character.
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