Absolute Boyfriend
Alternative Names:


Zettai Kareshi

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2008
Episodes: 11
Type: Series
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Absolute Boyfriend

  • ach1388
    I don't understand, Soshi and Riko are high schoolers in the manga not employee/employer....ahhh, I still want to see it, but I can tell the story line being mashed is going to drive me BONKERS!!
  • ayame_hiroi
    I really want to watch this! It seems so interesting! Hopefully crunchyroll would post it up soon.
  • ddeskew
    You should put this on the app
  • MonserratxD
    Where can I watch this drama???
  • animelover100able1
    i really want to wat this, i have seen all the comments and it sounds really interesting but the thing is everytime i lick on it, it doesnt work. can someone pls help me?
  • aini
    I haven't seen this but only by seeing all the comments I think I should watch it (it a must)
  • McDb812
    This drama is absolutely amazing. It made me laugh, cry, and just think about the drama even when I wasn't watching it! I was addicted. Hayami Mokomichi and Aibu Saki did NOT disappoint.
  • mayu_hana
    ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ !!!!!
  • eggy_roll_1
    this was an awesome drama, made me tear so much T_T! this series absolutely has true love
  • josl_35
    i cried so many times too =x really love this show. supports night! <3 1st jap drama for me as well~
  • TeeWee30
    I cried. I am not ashamed of it. It just means the actors did their jobs and made me connect with the story. So there!
  • animelover100able1
    amazing lookin live action of absolute boyfriend. i watched this before and read it it is amazing.
  • sakuracards
    shit i just finish watching this and i just cyr T.T
  • sakuracards
    n_____n knight♥
  • OiDorknaChan
    Now THIS is something I would recommend watching! The plot is unique (I mean, COME ON, have you watched anything that has to do with sexy robot men?), and the storyline makes you laugh and cry throughout. xDDDDDDDDDDDD
  • madeliney1397
    this is my first j-drama too, and i like it.. i will watch more j-dramas in the future. (i wonder how the cream puffs taste like :))))
  • 666anime
    best drama ever... nothing else made me cry 4 2 whole sleepless nights just thinking about it... in d enf it's just a drama lol... but y did he have 2 leave... y?...T.T